Social Services & Extension Activities

Blanket Distribution Drive

There is no better gift than providing warm clothing to a person in need during the winter season. In most of the slum areas/villages, people experience the bitterness of extreme weather but at the same time, it allows us to serve humanity by helping and donating something to the needy. This season is the most suitable time to donate blankets that can surely make a considerable difference to an individual or an underprivileged family in need.

Relief work is always community-based and good samaritans add value to the task force. A team of four faculty members, Ms. Nashra Javed, Dr. Divya R. Panjwani, Dr. Sheeba Praveen and Dr. Mohd. Akbar, along with ten student volunteers from BA (Hons.) Reshma Khatoon, Amna Asif, Nada Khan, Nishi Singh, Zoya Farooq, Daniyal, Ayush, Nadeem Zafar, Vivek Chaurasiya and Ajay Singh went for the Blanket Distribution Drive to a nearby village, "Paikramau" on 11th January 2022 as part of fulfilling social responsibilities for communities living around our university. Since its inception, the key objective of Integral University Social Services (IUSS) is to make sure that the help reaches those who are actually in need. So with the help of village pradhan, we identified some orphans, widows and the neediest ones for donation.

We convey our wholehearted thanks to Dr. Seema Srivastava, Head, Department of Physics and her enthusiastic team for raising funds through Communal Harmony Campaign Week, which was observed under the office of Dean, Students’ Welfare. The funds helped us in the procurement of 60 good-quality winter blankets. With our blanket distribution drive, many poverty-stricken families have received the benefits that would eventually help them amid the cold and chilling winter.

If you are looking forward to donating any item, please reach out to us. Our team is proactively working for the benefit of society at large and, your donation can be the reason for someone's fathomless happiness for who could use it wisely. We hope to carry on these needful donation drives with the same zeal for spreading kindness and serving humanity.

About IUSS:

Integral University Social Services (IUSS) Committee has been established in 2017 for promoting social services as part of our social responsibility towards adjoining communities. During the university's Annual Fest (Fiesta), every year we team up with students and faculty members as volunteers and contributors for various donation drives. In addition to this, we also regularly conduct social service activities like collection of winter/summer clothing, etc for distribution to needy people. Our goal is to help the part of society who are underprivileged and to work for the welfare of villages adopted by IU in collaboration with NSS and other Social clubs.