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“Chuppi Todo Khulkar Bolo”

Integral University, Lucknow in compliance with the Department of Higher Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh’s Mission Shakti Phase III through their Women Grievance Cell (ICC) and Department of Law, organized the Counseling Session on “Chuppi Todo Khulkar Bolo” on 30th October 2021
It was organized in the Department of Law and the students of the Department along with the students from other departments participated enthusiastically in this event. The program started with a brief introduction of Mission Shakti Phase III followed by discussion with the students on the theme and the significance of the program by the Legal Counselor of the Mission Shakti III, Ms. Shipra Mishra.
The enthusiasm and the curiosity of the students were evident as they were keen to know more about the women's issues, rights, legislations, and treatment that is available for them universally and uniformly today. Approximately 85 Students eagerly participated in the session along with the faculty members.
The Counseling was provided by Prof. Iffat Zareen Ahmad, Chairperson, Women Grievance Cell, Ms. Shipra Mishra, Legal Counselor, Mission Shakti III, and other female faculty members of the Department keeping the session purely on women issues, Rights, and Laws in India.
Such types of sessions are regularly required since female students face various problems in day to day lives for which proper guidance and Counseling are required. It provides them mental support making them strong and confident in the present scenario. It not only makes them aware of what is happening with them but also to face them bravely and solve them on their own courageously.
The Program was concluded after the detailed interaction of the Counselors and the students on various matters and they were satisfied with the session. They were very keen to attend the sessions in the near future also.