Social Services & Extension Activities

Clothes / Books Distribution Drive

The power to better the lives of others is considered a privilege. It comes with a feeling of contentment and gratitude as well. In addition to reinforcing our ideals, acting on these intense sentiments of responsibility gives us a sense that our actions are consistent with what we believe. The primary objective of organizing these donation drives every year during Fiesta is to bridge the gap between people willing to aid the less fortunate and those in positions of necessity.

Community work facilitates and fosters partnerships within communities at the regional level to achieve Social Development Goals. Enhancing opportunities for students' capacity building from regional communities to address the challenges relating to the SDGs at the local requires a new knowledge of sustainable solutions for the implementation action. With this aim, a team of faculty members Dr. Syed Afzal Ahmad, Ms. Nashra Javed, Dr. Divya Raj Panjwani, and ten student volunteers, went to a village "Bhakamau" on 15th June 2022; as a part of fulfilling social responsibilities to communities living around our university. IUSS team conveys our wholehearted thanks to all of our donors for donating clothes and books in good condition, and through this drive, our target was to help needy people of the village who required clothes and books. More than 30 families benefitted through the distribution drive.

To donate an item or raise funds, you can connect with the IUSS team. We are proactively working for the benefit of society at large. Your donation can be the reason for someone's fathomless happiness who could use it wisely. We hope to carry on these needful donation drives with the same zeal for spreading kindness and serving humanity.