Internet and Email Usage Policy Guidelines


To improve operational efficiency of academic activities encompassing students & teaching staff by enabling ethical, legitimate, reasonable, effective and judicious usage of Internet & E-Mail Services extended to all the authorized users of Integral University (i.e. IU-students & IU-employees) and to protect the interests of Integral University against different type of threats (be it internal or external, deliberate or accidental) and illegal/unauthorized usage.

Terms and Conditions :

  1. Access to Internet Services and E-Mail Services of Integral University, will be subjected to an approval process for all users ( i.e. for students, faculty members and other staff members of university), on need basis, as decided by the University from time to time. All IU-Students/Employees are required to apply on-line.
  2. E-Mail and Internet Services provided by the University will be subjected to monitoring and surveillance from time to time, for checking compliance to policy guidelines.
  3. Misuse and/or illegal usage of the E-Mail/Internet Services provided by the University by any user (be it student or staff) will make the concerned user liable to disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate by competent authorities (including suspension/termination of E-mail/Internet Services, imposition of fine, legal actions etc.).
  4. Students and Staff Member(s) (other than those specifically authorized to do so) should not use E-Mail/Internet Services provided by Integral University for any communication that may have legal or commercial implications for the University - like sending LOIs(Letters of Intent), POs(Purchase Orders), Tender Documents etc.
  5. Owners of User-ID (be it E-Mail ID or Internet User–ID) are solely responsible for it’s usage and all the activities undertaken by the User-ID allocated to them.
  6. Users are expected to keep their e-mail accounts active by checking their e-mails regularly, managing their disk quota judiciously by archiving & purging old e-mails periodically and follow the instructions communicated by IT-Helpdesk from time to time.
  7. If you experience any problem with your e-mail and Internet Services, please report the same to ithelpdesk@iul.ac.in clearly describing the nature of problem along-with error message (if any) to enable prompt support from E-Mail and Internet Services Management and Support Team.

General Principles For The Use Of Internet/Email Facilities In Integral University :

  1. Internet facilities are provided to Employees/Students to support the normal activities of the University, in particular for educational, research and administrative purposes.
  2. Use of Internet facilities should conform to policies and procedures relating to respect and dignity in the University.
  3. E-mail facilities are provided to Employees and Students to support the normal activities of the University, in particular for educational, research and administrative purposes.
  4. E-mail facilities should not be used for any illegal or unethical purpose or for significant personal use.
  5. Incidental personal use is permissible provided it does not consume more than a trivial amount of resources, does not interfere with staff productivity, is not for private business activities, does not preclude others with genuine University-related needs from accessing the facilities and does not involve any illegal or unethical activities.
  6. Each user is responsible for the content and use of their own account. Passwords should not be shared with others.
  7. Users of the facilities must exercise extreme caution to ensure that there is no breach of copyright or of other intellectual property rights.
  8. The University cannot guarantee users of the computing facilities that they will be protected from the receipt of material that may be offensive to them.

Recommended Good Practices For Internet/Email Usage :

  1. Users should change the initially allocated password (on first login itself), keep the password confidential, and keep changing it regularly and periodically.
  2. Set your Homepage to an appropriate URL for fast access. Many people on campus use the IU Website (www.integraluniversity.ac.in) as their Homepage.
  3. Material downloaded from the Internet must be scanned with virus detection software before installation or execution.
  4. When using information from an Internet site for important decision type purposes - verify the integrity of the data. The fact that the information is there does not mean that it is correct. Many sites do not get updated regularly.
  5. Never reply to spam or junk e-mails nor click on hyperlinks embedded in them - you are merely confirming your existence to the spammers.
  6. Do not use e-mail to discuss confidential information.
  7. Avoid sending unnecessary attachments.
  8. When replying to mail received as a member of mailing list, take care to note whether your reply is to the individual sending the message or to the whole list.
  9. The University will never ask you for your password or for renewal of your account. If you receive any email asking for such information, consider it as spam, block it in your mailbox and inform to the IT Help Desk immediately.

It is Prohibited To:

  1. Access, create, copy or transfer web pages or other material accessible across the Internet that is illegal, offensive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, racist, sexist or threatening.
  2. Exchange proprietary information, trade secrets or any other privileged, confidential or sensitive information.
  3. Engage in activities that are in conflict with regulations relating to Respect and Dignity within IU.
  4. Create, copy or transfer unauthorized advertisements, solicitations or viruses.
  5. Play games on computing facilities available for general access except where required formally as part of research work, course work, IU sponsored events or other IU approved activity.
  6. Use the facilities for betting and gambling type purposes.
  7. Download or display inappropriate content, play music, download movies or send messages that interfere with or are offensive to others.
  8. Publish information or statements about other people which could harm their reputation.
  9. Use the University's name or logo to imply the endorsement by the University of other organizations' products or services without written permission from the VC's Office.
  10. Send or forward e-mails containing offensive or disruptive content, which includes, but is not limited to, defamatory, harassing, offensive, racist, obscene or threatening remarks. Do not flood another system, network or user account with e-mail. If you receive an e-mail of this nature, you should inform the ithelpdesk@iul.ac.in
  11. Send or forward chain letters, junk mail, spam and viruses.
  12. Forge or attempt to forge e-mail messages.
  13. Use e-mail to unlawfully solicit or exchange copies of copyrighted software.
  14. Use E-Mail/Internet Services provided by Integral University for any communication that may lead to any financial liability for the University - like sending LOIs(Letters of Intent), POs(Purchase Orders), Tender Documents etc. – unless specially authorized to do so.