Ledmac is a London based education services company founded by a group of Sloan Fellows from London Business School, specialising in building & supporting incubators, entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship know-how.


The Centre is working on creating a unique model whereby students will be encouraged & supported to implement their business ideas & innovations in villages & regions with socio-economic challenges.

The Centre has also adopted a village near Lucknow to pilot the model before rolling it out on a bigger scale. We already have our first budding scientist, an engineering student testing his solar power bank to light up the village streets.

One of the other projects envisaged under the model holds potential to impact 100,000 micro-entrepreneurs over a period of 10 years.

LSEDC Mission & Scope

Our mission is to be the pioneer entity that supports social change and economic reform by enabling independent economic activity for individuals as well as groups.

LSEDC will achive this by:

1. Providing holistic development and grooming of existing and potential leadership in social entrepreneurship sphere through partnership with our host Integral University. The jointly developed and collaboratively delivered training programs and other relevant specialisations would be offeredto current students at the university and to prospective entrepreneurs. These world class training programs combined with practical insights about the social impact will ensure that entrepreneurial endeavours can make a long lasting and highly relevant impact on society.

2. Cultivating a culture of research through collection and management of data from primary sources as LSEDC's direct work on live projects. As a preliminary step, LSEDC has adopted a village under its aegis and will be working on solving some of the toughest challenges faced by the residents there.

3. Facilitating within the local community as well as mobilising our international network of dependable individuals and groups involved in similar social entrepreneurship endeavours.


  • Khaadi Ashram
  • Micro Enterprise Project
  • Village Project
  • ISEC (social venture contest)
  • SE LiveLabs©(incubator)
  • Conferences
  • Student Club
  • Data Collection & Management
  • Case Studies
  • Training International students
  • Funding Opportunities
  • UK
  • India: Government, CSR, NSDC
  • Fellowships
  • LSEDC fellows
  • Certification in SE


Undertake key projects in India that provide us on the ground presence, research data and create opportunities for our partners


Organise key events in the social entrepreneurship space in India.


Collaborate with international faculty who would like to work in India and develop join case studies and opportunities for international students to take up training and projects in India relating to social entrepreneurship sector.


Create a pipeline of projects that various funding bodies including CSR funds will find easy to invest due to hassle free nature and complete transparency.

Grant fellowships and credentials for people working in the sector


Address: 3rd Floor, Central Library Building, Integral University, Lucknow
Phone: +91 9532361260

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