Departmental Achievements

Sr No Session Name Award/ Recognition/Selection Name of Award/ Recognition/Selection Details View
1 2021-22 Dr. Roohi Award Outstanding Researcher of the Year Award-2021 Integral University on 15th August 2021 with memento, certificate and a Research grant of Rs. 2 Lakhs View
2 2021-22 Dr. Roohi Award National Education Excellence Achievers Award-2022 Awarded by Navbharat Rashtriya Gyanpeeth, Pune, Maharashtra-411030 (Registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 186, BPT Regd. Act.-1950). View
3 2021-22 Gazia Nasir Award Indian Council of Medical Research- SRF 2022 ICMR Senior Research Fellowship View
4 2021-22 Gazia Nasir Award International Patent Solar based portable hydroponic system(202022102834.6) View
5 2021-22 Prof.Iffat Zareen Ahmad Award Project senctioned CCRUM, Ministry of AYUSH funded Project "Study and validation of the anticancer potential of prominent Unani medicines and their nanoformulations as an adjuvant against liver carcinoma" for INR 2828800. View
6 2021-22 Poonam Sharma Award Seed Money Project senctioned “Developing food waste-derived pectin emulsion as edible food coating for extending shelf life” for INR 110000 View
7 2021-22 Dr. Archana vimal Award Patent Biogenic antimicrobial chitosan-based nanoparticles and process of their synthesis using plant Ocimum sanctum leaf extract View
8 2020-21 Snober S. Mir Recognition Appreciation "MANAV Scientific Reading and Comprehension Self-Assessment Module (for students)” organized by Project MANAV– The Human Atlas Initiative View
9 2020-21 Dr. Roohi Award International Patent System and method for indoor clothes dryer using direct transportation of solar light (Patent number: 2021101539) View
10 2020-21 Dr. Roohi Award National Patent Water Quality Improving Container (Design No.: 338503-001 dated- 03/02/2021) View
11 2020-21 Dr. Roohi Award National Patent Novel method for the detection of PHB polymer based phaz PHB depolymerase enzyme (Patent number: 202111053238 dated 26/11/2021) View
12 2019-20 Dr. Mohd Haris Siddiqui Award Name of Award University of oxford sanctioned grant of 9 lacs on a project entitled "Delineating the role of the human leukocyte antigen locus in susceptibility to rheumatic heart disease in Oceania and South Asia View
13 2019-20 Snober S. Mir Award Name of Award Recipient of honorarium for PIs from DBT, Government of India, under the Bio Care Scheme View
14 2019-20 Dr. Mohd Haris Siddiqui Award Name of Award UPCAR sanctioned grant of 20.295 lacs on a project entitled "Production of poly-hydroxy Butyrate PHB biopolymer from Azohydromonas australica using cane molasses" View
15 2019-20 Dr. Mohd Haris Siddiqui Award Name of Award ICMR sanctioned research grant of INR 14.91 lacs for project entitled "Role of viable but not culturable (VNBC) & Cyst forming microorganisms in food toxicity & its prevention by Bacteriocin from probiotic microorganisms" View
16 2019-20 Dr. Alvina Farooqui & Poonam Sharma Award Name of Award Integral University sanctioned research grant of INR 1.3 lacs on a project entitled "Spirulina based cookies: a luxury health food and a panacea for malnutrition" View
17 2018-19 Dr. Roohi Award Name of Award DST-SERB sanctioned research grant of INR 30.81 lacs on project entitled "Ecofriendly Biodegradble Plastics degarading PHB depolymerase from microbes: Purification Characterization Biotechnical Applications" View
18 2017-18 Dr. Iffat Zareen Ahmad Award Name of Award DRDO sanctioned research grant of INR 23.50 on a project entitled "Characterization of UV protective compounds from cynobacteria and media optimization for their enrichment View
19 2016-17 Dr. Snober Shabnam Mir Award Name of Award DST-SERB sanctioned research grant of INR 27.57 on a project entitled "Role of P53Aggregationin dysregulation of Autophagy: Implications for tumerogenesis and targeted therapy" View
20 2016-17 Dr. Iffat Zareen Ahmad Award Name of Award Ayush ministry sanctioned research grant of INR 69.93 for a project titled "In-vivo and In-vitro study of hepatoprotective activity of Nigella sativa extract in various germination of seed View
21 2016-17 Dr. Salman Akhtar Award Name of Award UPCST sanctioned research grant of 9.33 lacs on a project entitled "Dynamic based structure lead discovery" View
22 2015-16 Dr. Alvina Farooqui Award Name of Award UPSCT sanctioned research grant of INR 10.44 on a project entitled "Development of novel screening system employing cyanobacteria for toxicity studies of metallic Nanoparticles" View
23 2013-14 Dr. Snober Shabnam Mir Award Name of Award DBT sanctioned grant of INR 30.22 lacs on an project entitled "Role of Molecular Cheperones and P53in Targeting of clients Proteins to Autophagy" View
Sr No Session Achievement Name/ Collaboration Details of Collaboration/ Achievements View
1 2020-21 Collaboration Baba Sahab Bhimrao Ambedkar University Lucknow View
2 2020-21 Collaboration Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Kashmir, India View
3 2020-21 Collaboration The Chancellor Master and Scholars of the University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom View
4 2020-21 Collaboration Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute, Tashkent, Uzbekistan View
5 2019-20 Collaboration Pharma Instinct, Chandigarh, India View
6 2019-20 Collaboration King George's Medical University, Lucknow View
7 2019-20 Collaboration CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow View
8 2019-20 Collaboration Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), Lucknow View
9 2019-20 Collaboration CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology and Research View
10 2017-18 Collaboration Bionivid Technologies Pvt Ltd View
11 2017-18 Collaboration Bioved Research Institute of Agriculture Technology, Allahabad, India. View
12 2017-18 Collaboration Indian Institute of Sugar Cane Research, Lucknow View
13 2017-18 Collaboration National Sugar Institute Kanpur View
14 2017-18 Collaboration Indian Council of Food and Agriculture New Delhi India View
15 2017-18 Collaboration World Food Preservation Center LLC Shepherdstown WV 25443 USA View
16 2017-18 Collaboration Director Central Institute of Sub - Tropical Horticulture Rehman Kheda, Lucknow, India View
17 2016-17 Collaboration Department of AIDS Control (DAC), Government of India, New Delhi, India View
18 2016-17 Collaboration Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy, Novosibirsk, Russia View
19 2016-17 Collaboration National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganism (NBAIM), Mau, India View
20 2016-17 Collaboration Saraswati Dental College & Hospital, Lucknow, India View
21 2016-17 Collaboration Directorate of Seed Research, Mau, India View
22 2015-16 Collaboration Prathista Industries Limited, Telangana View
23 2015-16 Collaboration TNC Healthcare Private Limited, New Delhi View
24 2015-16 Collaboration Tripura Bio Tech Limited Andhra Pradesh View
25 2015-16 Collaboration Vaishnavi Bio-Tech Limited Gujarat View
26 2015-16 Collaboration ICAR-National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow View
27 2015-16 Collaboration Regional Food Research and Analysis Centre, Lucknow View