Faculty Members

(A great team of professional teachers and speakers)

Email : mdfaisal@iul.ac.in/headca@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Requirement Engineering, Distributed System, Operating System.
Subject Taught : Distributed System, Operating System, Mobile Computing, Graph Theory, Computer Networks

Email : mohdkalam@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Parallel Computing
Subject Taught : Discrete Mathematics, Optimization Technique, Theory of Automaton, Compiler Design, Parallel Computing, Graph Theory , Artificial Intelligence

Email : ffarooqui@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Web Technology
Subject Taught : Operating System, DBMS, Computer Organization, Graph Theory, Computer Graphics and Animation, ERP, Data Warehousing & Data Mining, OOP(C++), E-Commerce

Email : anwarbari@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Database Management System, Web Technologies, Object Oriented Systems and C++, Software Testing
Subject Taught : ADBMS, DBMS, Web Technology, Java Programming, Computer Organization, Microprocessor Architecture, E-Commerce

Email : tabrez@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Programming Languages, Data Structure, Software Engg.
Subject Taught : C, C++, Data Structure, E-Commerce

Email : arshad@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Computer Network
Subject Taught : Computer Fundamentals, C Programming, Computer Organization, Web Designing, Unix/Linux

Email : tasneema@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing, Image Fusion, Change Detection, Satellite Image Processing, SAR Data Analysis For Land Cover Characterization
Subject Taught : Data Communication and Computer Networks, JAVA Programming, Digital Image Processing

Email : farooqa@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : RDBMS, SQL Programming(PL/SQL), Programming Languages(C,C++, Java, C#, Python) , Web Technologies, Software Engineering. .NET, Open Source Technology(PHP)
Subject Taught : Relational Database Management System, Object Oriented Programming Using Java, Database Security, Python Programming, Web Technology, Management Information System, Software Engineering, Data Warehousing and Mining, Software Project Management, .Net Framework and C#, Computer Programming , Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Concepts & Principles Of Programming

Email : mwariskhan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Engineering, Requirement Engineering, Software Security
Subject Taught : Software Engineering and Project Management, Computer Graphics and Animation, DBMS, Data Structure using C, System Analysis and Design, Cyber Law and Internet Security

Email : ankhan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Information Security, Machine Learning
Subject Taught : Computer Networks, C++/Java, E-commerce, Operating Systems

Email : ausaf@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Mining Software Repositories, Software Engineering, Data Structure and Algorithms, Computer Architecture
Subject Taught : Computer Architecture and Microprocessor, Computer Organization

Email : mdfaizan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Dark Web, Metaheuristics, Optimization, Information Retrieval
Subject Taught : Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, C/Java

Email : asifk@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Soft Computing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics/Computer Vision, Nature Inspired Computing
Subject Taught : Data Science with Python, AI, C programming, Networking with Java, Mobile Computing, Computer Fundamentals and Programming concepts

Email : mshabbir@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Computer Organization, Data Structure Using C
Subject Taught : System Analysis and Design

Email : mkjamal@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Cloud Technology (AWS & Azure), Distributed System, Design Analysis and Design
Subject Taught : DAA, Distributed System, Cloud Technology, Discrete Mathematics

Email : jeelani@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Big Data
Subject Taught : System Analysis and Design, Multimedia System, Cyber Crime & Cyber Law, VB.Net, Fundamentals of Programming C.

Email : mfaizan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Engineering
Subject Taught : Python Programming, Data Analytics using R, Operating System, Data Structure using C, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering,

Email : dolly@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Digital Image Processing and Pattern recognition, Machine Learning, Software Engineering
Subject Taught : DataStructure, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Multimedia , Ecommerce, Computer Organization,Cyber Crime and Law, Web Technology, JAVA, C/C++,.NET etc.

Email : afreenkhan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : "Machine LearningDeep LearningData ScienceBig Data and AnalyticsHealthcare Informatics"
Subject Taught : "• Computer Fundamentals and C Programming• Image Processing• Data Science• Cyber Laws and Internet Security• Cyber Crime and Cyber Law• Big Data Visualization"

Email : fareenali@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Networking
Subject Taught : Computer Network ,Java Programming ,Data Structure ,Operating System ,Unix and Shell Programming ,Computer Graphics, C Programming.

Email : srkhan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Fundamental of C, Data Structure using C, C++, Computer Networks.
Subject Taught : Fundamental of C, Data structure using C, C++, Computer Networks, Automata Theory, and Discrete Mathematics.

Email : kamranamd@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Deep Learning,machine learning,digital image processing,c,c++.python
Subject Taught : "Operating System,Automata Theory,Compiler Design,Data Structures ,Object OrientedProgramming using c++,descreate mathmatics,computer network,database design,graph theory"

Email : sarfaraz@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Organization
Subject Taught : Software Engineering, Data Science, Computer Organization, CBNST, System Analysis and Design, Discrete Mathematics

Email : shameemansari@iul.ac
Area of Expertise : Object Oriented Programming, Data Structure, Programming Languages(C, C++, Java), Operating System
Subject Taught : "Object Oriented Programming using Java/C++, C, C#, Operating System, Data Structure, Web Technologies, RDBMS, Software Engineering,. NET, Open Source Technology (PHP), Computer Networks, Distributed Computing, "

Email : kshubham@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Cyber Security
Subject Taught : Linux Administration, Advanced Virtualization, Installation & Configuration of Server, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security Incident Response Management, Web Technology, Cyber Law and Internet Security, AI and Expert Systems, Blockchain Computing

Email : madhami@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Information Retrieval, Machine Learning.
Subject Taught : Discrete Mathematics, OOPS Java, Machine Learning.

Email : rizwan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software development, Web Designing, Software Testing
Subject Taught : Python, Java, C, HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Software Testing,DBMS

Email : farhazia@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Engineering, Computer Networks
Subject Taught : Software Engineering,Computer Networks,Web Technology,Database Management Systems,Operating System, Programming Languages (C And Java)

Email : vagarwal@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Programming Languages
Subject Taught : "C, C++, Java, Python, C#, VB.NET, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Unix And Shell Programming, Data Structure, DBMS, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Operating System, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence"

Email : nadiyaparveen@iul.ac
Area of Expertise : Web Technology
Subject Taught : Computer fundamental and C programming, Java programming, C++, AI, Data Structure, Computer Organization

Email : fizaafreen@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Web Technology and computer Network
Subject Taught : C programming,OS, Data structure, Computer Network , Digital electronics and Computer organization & Architecture

Email : motashim@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Python and Data science
Subject Taught : Python programming, Data Analytics, OOPS using Java

Email : sumity@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Discrete Mathematics, Data Compression, Software Testing, Data Mining, Software engineering
Subject Taught : Phython, Fundamentals of computer