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IU Lucknow emerging as an Economical and Quality choice for International Students.

Destination India

India has traditionally been seen as a country that sends rather than receives international students for higher studies, but a growing number of students from around the globe are now choosing to study in India.

The exorbitant costs of studying and post study visa restrictions abroad brings the Indian education under the limelight as it steps up to accommodate this class of students aspiring for international standards in education. This gives the Indian students a platform for growth and transforms into a regional and an international education hub.

Going by the World Bank’s statistics, India’s higher education system is the third largest in the world, after China and the United States. As of Feb 2017, India has 789 universities, 37,204 colleges and 11,443 stand alone institutions, as per the latest statistics from UGC website.

Integral University has international students from different countries. They come for all levels, mostly the Bachelor level programs. Computer applications, business management, pharmacy and engineering are the most popular streams. "It’s a melting pot of culture and knowledge. Students join Integral University to feel like home with world class education."” says Prof Syed Aqeel Ahmad, Director – HRDC,Integral University.

Up till now, India had been only recognized as a major source market for international universities, but the past few years have also seen an impressive growth rate of foreign students coming into the country. From a mere 6,988 in 2000, India has gathered momentum to include 45,424 students by 2016, a majority of them from Asia. (Ministry of Human Resource Development)

“I wanted to have expertise in computers and in my country I hear that India is one of the best countries for IT. I plan to do my MCA, PhD all from here” shares a happy contented Ahmad, who is pursuing a BCA at Integral. Ahmad Khalid from Afghanistan finds Lucknow very beautiful & comfortable and ranks the university best in education and hospitality.

“Afghanistan has a high regard for the Indian education system. They are attracted to the Indian education system because of its high quality, lower costs and better preparation for jobs” remarks Zahra who is pursuing BTech civil engineering at Integral .
Zahra earned a scholarship by the Afghanistan government to come and study at Integral.

“My mom is a civil engineer, and I too love Mathematic and want to continue my higher education here.It’s a place that teaches you so much. I have developed a deeper interest in my subjects and have become more responsible doing all my work independently” shares a beaming Zahra . She is pleased with her exceptionally improving results and looks forward to working in India after finishing her studies.

UNESCO statistics indicate that India is the preferred destination of a large number of SAARC nations with students from Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan being the frontrunners.

Mustafa Sayed Rohani from Afghanistan weighed his options between Turkey , Germany and India for his higher education and found India to be qualitative and economical. He landed in India to explore various universities and colleges, and after having the ground feel, finalized Integral University to be best suited to him. “My father visited me few months back and was so happy seeing my choice -the campus, infrastructure and warm people of the university “said a proud Mustafa who is doing B.pharma at Integral.

“I am keen to use my education and help my father in his Pharmacy business after getting back to Kabul.” Shared Rohani who has had a remarkable improvement in his result in the last semester.

Mohammad Manirul Islam & Nabia Mahzabin both from Bangladesh have opted to do Masters in Technology-Environmental Engineering and B.Tech –Biotechnology respectively at Integral and are glad to have made that choice.

Testimonial to India’s rigorous educational standards is the fact that some of the world’s most prominent heads and specialists have been the product of the Indian universities. While Indian software industry contributes its expertise and skills to 90 countries India also accounts to nearly 30 per cent of the global supply of graduate engineers.

Records indicate 38 per cent of US medical professionals having been trained in India, while 12 per cent of scientists and 4 out of 10 NASA scientists are Indians, and so are 34 per cent at Microsoft , 28 per cent at IBM 17 per cent at INTEL and 13 per cent at Xerox are Indians

The quality of education and the growing Universities are now retaining the indigenous talent simultaneously attracting an international pool of students and entrepreneurs who can contribute immensely to not just their individual growth but also raise the bar for Indian Education.