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Bright Integralites look towards the future.

The X Integral Convocation, the annual highlight of the University, and important milestone in the educational journey both for students as well as for the University concluded in the University Lawns with full house of students and faculty in their colored customary robes.

Chancellor honored as the “Pride of Awadh”

A leading Group of publications, Avadhnama, at its Foundation day celebrations honored and felicitated the eminent personalities of India for their exemplary works. The event was held on 2nd September at the Scientific Convention Centre, King George's Medical University, Lucknow.

Integral University implements IUET -Integral University Entrance Test.

IUET provides a common yard stick to measure the potentials of all applicants that might come from different backgrounds and curriculums against a standardized set of skills that would be required to obtain a seat at Integral. It will provide Integral’s admission counselors with a clear cut measure that is effective, in trying to assess a candidate’s ability to join the program of their own choice.

The International Conferences on ACEIT & ICCRME.

International conferences @ Integral are always great opportunities not only for researchers and scientists, but also for experts, policy makers, stakeholders and students to listen to different points of view and learn new ideas and trends in their field. They also provide new techniques, new types of equipment, data that is yet to be published, and investigators that one may not have heard of.

Academic Leadership

Today we live in an academic world which is driven by many factors. The demands on academics and academicians are much more complex. There are expectations from academic institutions to produce more and to have better research outputs; the industry demands better employable graduates; parents expect all-round development of the student;

Guest Lecture on Matrix Transformation.

Professor Manjul Gupta, Department of Mathematics, I.I.T., Kanpur, delivered a lecture on “Matrix Transformation” on January 25, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. in the Conference Hall-4 (Central Library building).
A transformation matrix is a special matrix that can describe 2d and 3d transformations.

Integral University Library inculcates the habit of Leisure Reading.

Books are therapeutic and improves mental and analytical aptitude.

We often see stories in media about declining reading interest and concern over youth paying too much time on their gadgets and the related psychological affects. A welcoming University Library engages its students and has a constructive impact. “As a man surrounded by books at most part of the day I see books are therapeutic and improves mental and analytical aptitude”, says Dr Naved Ahmad, Librarian-In-Charge, Integral, on why it's important to make reading an everyday part of our lives.

Integral academia reviews the Budget

Budget has always been a hot topic of discussion in India with high aspirations and often disappointing ramifications. With GST, demonetization and economic reforms together, Budget 2018 brings us lots to chew over.
In the Education sector the finance Minister Arun Jaitly proposes to launch the revitalizing of Infrastructure and Systems of Education (RISE) by the next year.