ICAAA-2018: The Logical Beauty of Numbers Ensures Solutions | Integral University Lucknow


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“The logical beauty of numbers ensures solutions” reiterated the World Mathematicians gathered at ICAAA-2018.

Integral University Lucknow witnessed the amalgamation of the global think tanks in the field of Mathematics in the highly fruitful, 3 day International Conference on Algebra and Applied Analysis (ICAAA-2018) at the University.

The various departments at Integral University are known to open up avenues from all around the world with the new researches and discoveries in various fields. August 9th -11th, the University experienced an influx of renowned mathematicians, researchers from India, USA, Canada, South Korea, Iran and South Africa to congregate at the University campus to explore their fascination for numbers.

Prof Syed Waseem Akhtar, Hon’ble Chancellor, Integral University and the chief patron of the conference welcomed the distinguished guests and sent a message globally to exchange ideas and researches that plays the catalyst in development. He said that even in ancient time, Mathematics was very much developed in India and defined algebra as the value of unknown values and mentioned Al Khawarijmi, the Father of Algebra, who was, one of the first to write about algebra.

Mathematics wouldn't be the subject it is today if it hadn’t had been for the impact of applied mathematics and algebra. Experts say that the beauty of mathematics is found in these two subjects, such as in relativity or in number theory behind the RSA encryption widely used in internet security, or just in the way a wide range of techniques from all reaches of mathematics might be applied to solve a difficult problem. Also with hi-tech computers, mathematicians can even model highly complex systems such as the human heart, they do have answers as to why animals have spots on their bodies but have striped tails, can calculate non-deterministic systems like the stock market and can explain the movement of microscopic particles in a fluid.

Professor A.M Mathai, considered the world best in the contributions to Applied Statistics, Applications to special functions, Reaction Rate Theory in Astrophysics graced the conference to talk about Math being the simplest and creative study possible. He reiterated that every possible question or a daily problem would have a mathematical equation to solve it, provided one takes their curiosity seriously and systematically. With 25 books and more than 300 research publications to his credit, Arakaparambil Mathai Mathai ,aged 83, addressed the participants of the conference with the view to inspire and stimulate the young minds. “Early to bed and early to rise, is the eternal formula applied by World Scientists to excel in Math”, he asserted.

Prof M. A. Pathan, visiting Scientist, Center for Mathematical &Statistical Sciences(DST), Kerala, chief guest of the conference discussed the role of number theory in every span of life and also correlated differential geometry with Lie Algebra. He pointed out that the assembly of 4 generations of mathematics under one roof at this triumphant conference has produced and generate study and concepts for students to learn from. “Travelling to different places is mandatory for a good research in Mathematics” stated Prof Pathan.

“The high technical demands of these models and the ubiquity of computers in everyday life are making mathematicians ever more employable after the university level. It’s imperative to study and explore math that has answers to some of the most pressing issues facing humanity today. It's an opportunity for the students pursuing the study of mathematics at Integral to gain a platform and be amongst the masters of the subject globally” express Dr. Zubair, Head Department of Mathematics, Integral.

“Math is all about order and logic, it’s omnipresent and no one can shy away with it” said Prof. Syed Tariq Rizvi from Ohio State University, U.S.A, who mentioned that his love for Algebra, discipline and research initiatives brings him to Integral University each time. He referred the conference and the University as the inspiring place for research & excellence that scholars can benefit from.

Prof. Gangyong Lee from Chungnam National University, South Korea, addressed the dignitaries and participants and expressed his excitement to be in India, and to be able to share his expertise with the Students at the University.

Dr.Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Director Planning & Research, Integral University, Lucknow, was ecstatic with the outcome of the collaborative and deep analysis of Mathematics and emphasized on the role of Research in every stream to get the best of a student and a University.

“Mathematics, otherwise a difficult choice for many, was presented in such a way by the master of the subjects that I am in awe of the subject, full of confidence to pursue M.Sc Mathematics,” said a student participant at the University.

ICAAA-2018 brought together the leading mathematicians, industry experts and researchers to provide an international forum for academic exchange of ideas, research findings, practical development in the field of Algebra and Analysis.