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The International Conferences on Advancement in Computer Engineering & IT and Contemporary Research in Mechanical Engineering.

International conferences @ Integral are always great opportunities not only for researchers and scientists, but also for experts, policy makers, stakeholders and students to listen to different points of view and learn new ideas and trends in their field. They also provide new techniques, new types of equipment, data that is yet to be published, and investigators that one may not have heard of.

Integral University had conceptualized and organized the two conferences in an attempt to bring both the Engineering streams together on the same platform and divulge the best contemporary research work done in the two distinct, yet co- existing fields.

The University was overwhelmed by the academia and industrial experts, from all around the World who shared their latest original research work, and practical development experiences focusing on Material & Manufacturing along with new age IT aspects of intelligent system technologies and their applications.

The Inaugural Session welcome address was by Dr Nadeem Akhtar, Dean Engineering, Integral. Prof. Raj Kamal , IIT Delhi mentioned that the biggest truth of education is that there are no short cuts to it. classroom where teachers teach properly and Students conceive the facts would always be the foundation of learning and growth.

Prof. Nalinaksh S. Vyas, IIT Kanpur, who has contributed in Design and development of India’s first nanosatellite, JUGNU, launched from Sriharikota on Oct 12, 2012 (with ISRO).He shared that experience with Integralites and emphasized the need of merging various departments to promote comprehensive learning ,which had made the Jugnu successful. He has also successfully completed project title “Technology mission of Indian Railways”, with RDSO Lucknow.

The Presidential address by Honorable Chancellor, Prof. S.W.Akhtar stressed the importance of continuous learning. He talked about Integral’s policy to cutting down the outdated and incorporating the new age syllabus to provide Research and growth.

Various technical sessions were conducted in the 2 day conference elaborating Industrial engineering and sustainable manufacturing techniques with functional path breaking Researches like :

-The use of Bio-composites derived from cotton, recycled wood, waste paper, crop by products or regenerated cellulose fiber which are lighter in weight & have a visual appeal similar to that of wood and are environmentally superior.

-Desiccant materials can be used in Dehumidification and purification of air in Air Conditioning which will also reduce electricity consumption.

-Natural fiber based adhesive butt joints as a replacement of gas welding, and use of phase change materials for thermal energy storage systems.

-Concept to Reduce Road Accidents by Softer guardrails instead of hard steel guardrail along the highways protect drivers from shock and provide opportunities to save more drivers’ lives

-Design for Highway Windmill that converts the wind & kinetic energy into electrical energy was displayed along with various other useful concepts.

Computational Intelligence, Software Engineering, Network Security and Big Data Analytics were among the important tracks of Advancement in Computer Engineering & IT conference

These conferences allowed scholars to learn new information and tactics from hearing others’ presentations, they can converse with other researchers from all across the globe.

Presenting the research in a conference helps reach the scientific circles and improves their work by getting feedback from the experts and influencers in your field.

International Conferences were great opportunities to connect with attendees from different perspectives and views, learn from them, make new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. The two day International Conferences on Advancement in Computer Engineering & IT (ACEIT) and Contemporary Research in Mechanical Engineering Conferences paved the way for scientific cooperation by meeting and connecting with researchers from different countries. They also help in cooperating collective research projects such as edited books, special issues in peer-reviewed journals or funding applications.

The chief guest of valedictory session was Mr. Magroob Hussain, Director General, RDSO, Lucknow and addressed the audience on “Uses of engineering materials on Indian Railways”

The Conferences were priceless chance to sharpen the saw by learning new skills in a different environment.