Leisure Reading: Nurturing Knowledge Exploration at Integral University Lucknow


18 Jan, 2018 | Facebook Twitter Email |

Leisure Reading

Books are therapeutic and improves mental and analytical aptitude.

We often see stories in media about declining reading interest and concern over youth paying too much time on their gadgets and the related psychological affects. A welcoming University Library engages its students and has a constructive impact. “As a man surrounded by books at most part of the day I see books are therapeutic and improves mental and analytical aptitude”, says Dr Naved Ahmad, Librarian-In-Charge, Integral, on why it's important to make reading an everyday part of our lives.

There is a strong evidence linking reading for pleasure and its educational outcomes. We know that academic attainment is of vital importance, but the benefits of reading for pleasure go beyond this and stretch throughout a person's life. It is noted that the library research through survey based studies finds that reading for pleasure can result in increased empathy, improved relationships with others, and reductions in the symptoms of depression and dementia, and improved wellbeing as a result human fill themselves with self motivational attitude.

The relationship between reading for pleasure and wellbeing is particularly interesting, with evidence showing a correlation between reading for pleasure regularly and lower levels of stress and depression. Reading also seems to reduce the risk of dementia, with frequent readers having lower incidence of dementia in later life.

In addition to the health benefits, reading for pleasure has social benefits and can improve our sense of connectivity to the wider community. Reading increases our understanding of our own identity, improves empathy and gives us an insight into the world view of others.

At the university library, there is ample collection to inspire more users to read more because the fact is that everything changes when we read.

“The Central Library has organized and shelved about 1600 books for leisure reading for all the university fraternity of the Integral University Lucknow. The list includes books on theology, fiction, novel, stories. There are also a good collection of motivational books and biographies.

Keeping in view of the interests of various types of readers, these books have been acquired and made available for in Hindi, Urdu as well as English language.” mentions Dr. Ahmad.

The students as well as faculty members or any library user can get these books issued for outside or home reading. As per with the vision and mission of the Integral University, the Central Library acts as the main Learning Resource Centre of the University and provides various traditional as well as modern ICT based resources, services and facilities to meet the requirements of the University’s teaching and learning programs.

The Central Library houses a rich collection of 108966 documents and continuously growing which consists text books, print journals, e-journals, PhD theses, master dissertations, CDs/DVDs and online databases in the fields of Engineering, Management, Computer Science, Medical and Paramedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Applied Sciences, Humanities, Education and Literature etc

To create reading habits among the students, the library has the provision of seating capacity for 600+ readers and conducive and peaceful environment.