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19 Jan, 2018 |Facebook |Twitter |Email |

Integral University boys take up their passion in Roll Ball to the National level.

IU participated in the All India Inter-University Roll Ball championship held at the Jammu University, J&K between 3rd & 7th Jan. Roll Ball is just a decade old sport similar to basketball or handball that is played on the roller skates. The play consists of two teams of six players each, five field players and a goal tender.

“Players move toward the goal while dribbling or passing a ball similar to a basketball, with the aim of throwing the ball into a goal at each end of the court and the team that is able to score more goals wins”. Explains Ayush Agha , Roll Ball Captain Integral University. Ayush is hugely responsible for all the success and popularity of this sport in the campus. “I was introduced to this game by my senior and got so much interested in it that soon got other friends and players involved in it” says a fervent Ayush, a final year student of B.Tech CSE.

22 teams for men & women each, participated in the National Championship this year. Team Integral convincingly won all the league matches reaching the Quarter Final stage to face a strong competitor SRM Tamil Nadu, where the latter won by 8-4.

“Practice will surely make us better with time. The game is drawing the boys towards it, the balance of your body on skates along with your concentration on the ball is the key” adds a positive Mohd Maaz, team member, pursuing B.Tech ME.

Integral University is the only university in Lucknow, and one of the few in U.P to have had the training and proficiency of Roll Ball. On 2nd February, 2003 “Roll Ball" was first introduced and presented to the World of sports.

The fast and thrilling game has spread worldwide in a very short period of time as it tests all the physical abilities of a player and makes them strong. This game is surely the game of the future and is attracting the youth very much. International Roll ball Federation is an international sports body for the sport Roll ball. The First Roll Ball World Cup was held in 2011 Pune.

An ever active Mujeeb Siddiqui, a final year student of B Tech Civil who keeps the goal for the team is hopeful that his juniors will take the game ahead in coming years. Mohd Saud Khan, pursuing BBA looks forward to many more such matches to take the University’s spirit in sports to higher level. Ali Azib, Syed Osama and Md. Labeeb Akbar and are the other enthusiastic players of Team Integral.

The National Level Involvement in Roll Ball has given Team Integral great confidence, valuable experience and the vital exposure to the game.

Cheers to Team Integral Roll Ball Team!!!