A Talk on Africa-India Relations | Exploring Global Partnerships | Integral University Lucknow


His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Sule,The High Commissioner of Nigeria to India delivered a Talk on Nigeria- India Relations

A talk on Nigeria-India Relations by H.E. Ahmed Sule, The High Commissioner of Nigeria to India was organized by Integral University on 27th August 2021.

The event was attended by Hon’ble Pro-Chancellor, Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. Javed Musarrat, H.E. Mr. Ahmed Sule, Mrs. Halima Ahmed Sule, Mr. Christopher E. Okeke, Minister, Mr. Sanusi Karama Musa, Attache, Prof. Aquil Ahmad, Pro-Vice-Chancellor , Dr. Shahid Ali Khan, Registrar and other higher officials of Integral University.

The curtain raiser meeting had senior faculty of the University in attendance. The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor introduced the University to H.E. Mr. Ahmed Sule. Thereafter, documentaries of the University were showcased. His Excellency was humbled by the reception and hospitality of the University. During the introductory session, H.E. expressed pleasure to be amongst academicians and appreciated his brief discussions with the members present.

The Welcome Ceremony was attended by more than 120 persons, including foreign students from many African countries. Floral welcome was accorded to H.E. Mr. Ahmed Sule, Hon’ble Pro-Chancellor Dr.Syed Nadeem Akhtar and Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Javed Musarrat.

Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Hon’ble Pro Chancellor addressed the audience where he said that it is a matter of pride to host such a huge event at this platform. He appreciated the Nigerian students at Integral University for being laborious, diligent and full of zeal for learning. He stressed upon the importance of diversity everywhere and particularly at educational institutions because that is the grassroot level of building good human beings.

He further said that Integral University welcomes students not only from different states of India but from different parts of the world at a global level. This university added another feather to its cap by enrolling its first student from Malawi this year itself. He informed that almost 1000 students are representing Nigeria in the Integral campus.

His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Sule in his speech requested the audience to give a standing ovation to Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Hon’ble Pro Chancellor, Integral University and praised him for being too generous with his amazing hospitality and great deeds.

Mr. Ahmed Sule told that India initiated cordial relations with Nigeria in 1958. He told about the omnipresence of India in Nigeria by quoting that more than 135 Indian companies are functioning in Nigeria. People thoroughly enjoy Indian cousin, movies, culture and traditions in Nigeria thus proving the popularity of India in the hearts of Nigeria. Since ages, Nigeria has been focussing majorly on education, agriculture, mining, developing oil refineries, banking etc.

Nigeria has been in a great need of investment and hence, its ambassadors vigorously try to sell so that Indians get encourage and willing to invest in Nigeria. Likewise, Nigerian students should consider themselves as ambassadors of Nigeria. He even listed down various initiatives from the Nigerian government in order to facilitate investments in its country like export expansion grant, tax rebates on investment in Nigerian rural areas, import tax reliefs etc.

H.E. Mr. Ahmed Sule wholeheartedly requested the Nigerian students at Integral University to be law abiding, to respect Indian rules & regulations and value its traditions. He stressed upon the fact to make Nigeria proud of India. He solemnly promised that he will continue to take Integral University flag to every state of Nigeria and encourage them to go and become part of this amazing University.