Convocation Nineteen | Celebrating Academic Achievements | Integral University Lucknow


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Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.

Convocation is a great public milestone when the university celebrates the accomplishments of its graduates. Convocation is a commemoration of their lives at Integral University and an opportunity to share their significant milestone with faculty, peers, family and friends.

The XI convocation marks an era in the field of education and development in the history of Integral University as it has been more than a decade since the first convocation ceremony in 2004.

The XI Integral University Convocation was held on 11th November 2019, in the lawns of the University with full house of students and faculty in their customary robes.

The commemoration was set in motion by the very melodious University Tarana, which cherished the hearts of everyone on a cool sunny November morning. Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Aquil Ahmad announced the results of the academic session, mentioning the history of academic and social excellence of Integral University. Following, Prof. S. W. Akhtar, Chancellor of the University, declared the convocation opens.

Syed Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi, Hon’ble Chairperson, National Commission for Minorities, Govt. of India, glorified the commemoration as the Guest of Honour. The Convocation address was delivered by Prof. S Ayyappan, Hon’ble Chancellor, Central Agriculture University, Imphal and Former President, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, NAAS, New Delhi and Former DG, (ICAR) and Secretary, DARE, Govt. of India. Shri Hridaya Narayan Dixit, Hon’ble Speaker, U.P. Legislative Assembly, Govt of Uttar Pradesh and Prof. S.W. Akhtar, Hon’ble Chancellor and Founder, Integral University, Lucknow, consented to honour the occasion as the Chief Guests. Prof. S.W. Akhtar took to the stage to congratulate and appreciate the students saying, “This, in fact, is a moment of pride and excellence. The students have already climbed the first ladder of success and perfected the art of learning.” Further, he appreciated them for their hard work and dedication.

Next, Mr. Syed Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi praising the development he saw said, “An educated person takes the whole community towards progress. We must never forget our roots.” He compared Integral University with Abdullah Islamia University, Mumbai, and appreciated the academic growth of the university. He showed his appreciation in the increased ratio of girls academically and socially.

Following him, Prof. S Ayyappan expressed his gratitude on being invited and compared the founder of the university with TATA, Ambani and Wipro. He boosted the enthusiasm and spirits of the students by saying, “Convocation is like a festival in every way. Refuse to be ordinary, be an Integralite.” He commented on the climatic conditions and said, “Climate change is real and should be worried about. UP has the largest number of colleges and we must all work together to mend the climate and eradicate poverty, hunger and other issues.”

Later, Shri Hridaya Narayan Dixit advised the students about their perspectives and duties stating, “Your attitude towards the society should not change after graduating and you must never become ignorant.” He quoted Mahatma Gandhi’s Hind-Swaraj.

Following the speeches by dignitaries, a pledge was taken by graduating students to utilize their knowledge in the service of the nation in its march towards a just, inclusive, and sustainable society.

MTech scholars Kavita Singh (Renewable Energy Technology) and Zarka Khan (Computer Science and Technology) turned out to be the University toppers scoring 91.36% and 91.14% respectively. Total number of degrees given were 2500, 61 Gold and 62 Silver medals were given to toppers of all the respective fields.

Throughout the programme, the sense of pride and achievement was noticeable among the students, families, the faculty and staff of the University.

The Instructional Farm (Unit-1), Green House and Poly House Facility of the Integral Institute Agricultural Science and Agriculture’s was inaugurated by Prof. S. Ayyappan, Shri Hriday Narayan Dixit and Shri Syed Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi in the gracious presence of Prof. S.W. Akhtar on the momentous occasions of the XI Convocation and National Education Day.

Climatic change and national economy were the focused factors in the addresses given by the delegates. The event ended with a ray of hope and joy that is sure to inspire the students and faculty of Integral University in the years ahead.