Fiesta 2019: Celebrating Cultural Diversity at Integral University Lucknow


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Glitz and glamour along with the Flair, technicality and ethnic mosaic, powered with entertainment and elation- Integralites electrified the FIESTA-2019.

The Integral University’s annual festival, the FIESTA ’19, kicked off in the morning hours of March 1 with a bang that exuberated the campus with enthusiasm and fun, paving the way to three days of interactive, captivating and creative events.

The Integral University’s annual festival, the FIESTA ’19, kicked off in the morning hours of March 1 with a bang that exuberated the campus with enthusiasm and fun, paving the way to three days of interactive, captivating and creative events.

Shri Jitendra Kumar, IAS, the Principal Secretary to Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, present as the chief guest of FIESTA ’19, accompanied by the the Guest of Honour, Mrs. Azra Waseem, Director, Techno-Academy, Lucknow, the special guest from Thailand, Mr. Prasert Mussari, and Prof. M.A Khalid, Dean Student’s Welfare, inaugurated the auspicious event with their heartily blessings.

Prof. Waseem Akhtar, Chancellor Integral, enthusiastically addressed the young crowd appreciating the hard work and efforts with which the students had organized the event. “The participants will not only achieve their goals of becoming engineers, doctors and other professionals at Integral, but also find their inner talents as orators, organizers, writers, poets, artists”, expressed the Chancellor, and declared the FIESTA open, marking it an open platform to showcase their creative best.
IAS Shri Jitendra Kumar shared the secret of his academic and social excellence with the university members aspiring and inspiring the students, in his inaugural speech, where he mentioned the essence of such outdoor, open, physical creative activities to let children balance their life along with the Tech world. He expressed his joy and delight seeing the crowd of 11000 students in the campus.

The morning evolved into an activity full afternoon with scents of cultural, technical and literary.T he world-famous video game, Tekken 7, the final match being projected on a screen and the thrilling fights between the characters being enjoyed by a large audience, making it an evening, for everyone, to remember forever.

The presentation of international students was a remarkable sight injecting power when the Integral International students presented their country's National Anthems followed by their interaction with the crowd and their experience being a part of the Integral family.

The social reforms portrayed and encouraged by the Nukkad Natak team highlighted the social evils of our society and encouraged the youth to take a stand in today’s hard times, matters to be thought upon were carried out so beautifully and received a standing ovation by the audience.

The Self-Composed Poetry gave the opportunity to many aspiring Shakespeare, Ghalibs, and Premchands to bluster their expertise and filled the atmosphere with the essence of literary vibes and the cultural connection we all share in throughout the world.

With the soothing smell of “Chicken Dinner”, the PUBG Mobile Tournament added the pinch of militant glory to the FIESTA. Players battled each other on the legendary grounds of Erangel to get the title of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

The Tamseeli Mushaira brought out the shayars in the participants filling the entire atmosphere with the Lucknavi charisma, laughter, and joy of the participants mimicking the legendary shayars, was something that couldn’t be missed by any viewers and the campus crowd and the excitement justified this fact.

The sight of seeing various colleges clashing to triumph and illuminate the name of their respective colleges, in the Inter-College Architectural Quiz, was an intriguing sight.

The creative adult is the child who survived. The walls of the BNLT verandah were the witness to the Graffiti competition.

People grew up seeing Ronaldo and Messi clashing in the football field. Now, was the time to see Ronaldo-tron and Messi-max clash in the football field. The Robo Soccer stole the show with all the grrrrr and zooooom of the robots while trying to score a goal.

The Tekken Tournament pumped up the energy at the end of the day to conclude the inaugural day of this year’s FIESTA on a high note, only for everyone to come back with further more enthusiasm the next day.

The Integral University's Fiesta in its second day enthralled the audience with Joy, pride, laughter, and entertainment.

The highlight of the day was a delightful skit by the students to pay a tribute to the victims of Pulwama attack. The soulful, breathtaking performance by them instilled the sense of Pride and gave goose bumps to all and the audience stood up to salute and remember the soldiers.

The day packed with cultural, technical and engaging activities like the Voice of the soul, Faceoff (Debate), Floor art, Robo race, Andaaz-e- Awadh Fan Quiz and Mad ads.

The packed Football ground witnessed the never before Match between the Integral International Students which had students of 7 different countries studying at the University and Team Thailand students. In the head to head match, Team Integral International Students won the match in the penalty shootout.

Fiesta is the amalgamation of cultural, arts, fashion to enhance the potential and confidence of the students. The much talked about issues today like Women empowerment, and in an interesting twist even talking about Male rights, Global warming etc brought out by the students painted the campus at its creative best. The Floor art event made the participants paint the floor with their imaginative ideas and tried to educate, delight and inspire all of us with their artwork and make the youth of integral realize and take a stand in today's hard time. "Floor art" was an absolute visual treat.

Sports and games are of course the integral elements of the University. Games like Beg Borrow Steal and Robo race being enjoyed by a large audience where the participants got a chance to reminiscence the childhood.

The Andaaz-e-Awadh brought out the Lucknowi Andaz in the participants where they taught us about the unity in diversity. Participants make all of us understand that individual or social differences in physical attributes, skin color, castes, creed, cultural and religious practices are not looked upon as a conflict rather these differences are looked upon as varieties that enrich the society and the nation as a whole. A soul that was vibrant and exuberant.

The Valedictory Function of Integral University’s annual festival, FIESTA ’19, was held on March 3, at the main University lawns, winding up the series of glorious events, actively participated and relished by all. Shri Arun Sinha, IAS, Chairman of Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Commission, Chief Guest for the Valedictory Function, was gleefully a part of the Function. His words on academic success and overcoming life challenges were applauded by the audience. He compelled the students to follow the same intricacies and fervor in planning their own lives like they have conceptualized Fiesta 2019.

“We must all have a vision and purpose of life. It doesn’t matter what our profession is, having a vision is always profitable to achieve our targets” he said. He called himself lucky to be able to witness the events and praised the talents of the students.

Hon'ble Chancellor, Prof Syed Waseem Akhtar in his friendly address to students and their parents present at the function thanked and praised the Students for their magnificent efforts, in making the event the highlight of the session.

“Students from Nigeria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brunei, etc have adapted themselves to the Indian culture and despite the linguistic and cultural differences, they have participated in the events so actively. The Indian students are full of energy and talent, have perfectly coordinated the free-flowing itinerary of FIESTA events and I’m proud of them” said the Chancellor.

The poetic clash between teams in Bait-Baazi reciting ashars of prominent poets. The event was cheered and applauded by the audience. The love for poetry and shayars was clearly visible on everyone’s face. The participants Mariya, Sheikh Mariyam, Ashraf and Abu Nauman were complimented and encouraged by the Judges.

“Har ek baat pe kehte ho tum ki tu kya hai,
Tum hi kaho ki andaz-e-guftgu kya hai” recited by Team Integral Boys was aptly responded by
“Shauk se bhatki hoon, raasta na dikhaao, Betardeeb hoon, khush hoon, tareeqa na sikhaao
Ishq hai, Khud se, Mehboob na milaao, Soch mein wazan hai,
use na hilaao” received a standing applause by the amused audience.

The International students at Integral added the spark at Andaaz-e-Awadh, which turned out to be a phenomenal success, this year. The event portrayed the theme “Beyond Borders”, showcasing the message that people shouldn’t be judged on the basis of caste, creed, color, race, religion, etc. Sabiu Mustafa (representing India) and Khadija (representing Nigeria) from Nigeria became Mr. and Ms. Integral, better known as, Shaan-e-Awadh and Naaz-e-Awadh, while Mohd. Shariq and Megha Goswami representing Afghanistan were the runner-ups.

The awards and prizes were distributed to the champions of various events by the Chief Guest and Chancellor on the stage in front of the whole commemoration with huge rounds of applause from the audience, which boosted up their vigor and vowing them the perform even better the next year.