Celebrating International Women's Day 2022 | Empowering Women at Integral University Lucknow



On March 8, 2022, the Women's Study Centre, in collaboration with the Integral University's Women Grievance Cell, marked International Women's Day with the theme "Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow." Dr. Iffat Zareen Ahmad, Chairperson of the Women Grievance Cell, opened the programme with a welcome message.

The Chief Guest was Mrs. Azra Waseem, Director of the Integral International School in Lucknow, and the Guest of Honour was Dr. Jabeen Fatima, a distinguished researcher. The special guest was Dr. Nida Fatima, a renowned bioengineering scholar. Prof. Syed Waseem Akhtar, the Hon'ble Chancellor, took time out of his hectic schedule to commemorate International Women's Day. He addressed the event, saying that our society has made significant progress in the area of gender equality and that we must continue to strive in that direction.Mrs. Azra Waseem's uplifting speech elevated the students' spirits even more. Her discussion was full of inspiration and motivation for the students to strive for and provide equal chances for both genders in all disciplines. Dr. Jabeen Fatima and Dr. Nida Fatima underlined the importance of gender equality, stating that the world will only grow economically and socially if gender discrimination is eliminated.

Integral University's heads, deans, faculty members, and students all attended the event. On this occasion, elocution, skit, and painting competitions were held, in which students from various departments demonstrated their abilities. The guests were enthralled by the students' exhibition of abilities. Shazia Khan (B. Arch. 3rd year), Sadiya Ahmad (B. Arch. 3rd year), and Sarah, an international student, did the anchoring. International students took part in the ceremonies commemorating International Women's Day with similar zeal. For the skit, elocution, and painting competitions, first and second prizes were awarded. In the Elocution competition, Arisha Hassan of B.Tech BT, 2nd year, Department of Bioengineering, took first place, while Lubna Hashmi, Research Scholar in the Department of Languages, took second place.Mudassar Sada of Nigeria also participated in the tournament and demonstrated his speaking abilities. A total of 27 contestants' paintings were selected for the painting competition. Areeb Ahmed and Shoaib Akhtar, both from the Department of Architecture, took first and second place in the competition. Teams from many university departments competed in the skit competition. The Bioengineering department won first place in the skit competition, while the Computer Science department took second place.

Mrs. Kavita Agrawal, Chairperson, Women's Study Center, proposed a vote of thanks at the end of the programme, thanking all of the guests and students. She also complimented the whole Women's Study Center and Women Grievance Cell teams for their efforts in making this event a success.