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Two Week Faculty Development Program

Two-Week Online International Faculty Development Programme on: Communication Skills: Theory & Practice, organized by the Department of Languages, Integral University, Lucknow concluded on 24 June 2021 with opulence of learning and experiences for the Participants from various Institutions, organizations across the world and all the States of India. The objective of the programme was to enhance Communication Skills, Teaching techniques and promoting applied research modern through modern means of Communication.
The FDP provided experience to the participants and provided a chance to augment their knowledge in the subject area. All the participants attended the sessions with great enthusiasm and sincerity and ripped the maximum Academic enlightenments from these sessions

The programme was a great success in its goals of inspiring the participating teacher’s needs for Communicative approach to classroom teaching. It empowered them to develop their Communicative abilities that play a fundamental role in training competent future Professionals in varied work place environments. The Speakers of Sessions emphasized on various roles of Effective Communication in teaching and learning tools. All the sessions were very knowledgeable & objective oriented.
Inaugural Session : The Inaugural Session was conducted on 14 June, 2021 by words of Welcome presented by Dr.Aareena Nazneen, the Chief Coordinator of the Programme. The patron of the Session, Prof.Javed Musaarat, Vice- Chancellor, Integral University, gave a comprehensive and motivational speech on the role of Communication Skills in teaching and learning process. Welcoming the Guest Speakers and participants, he appreciated the efforts made by the organizers and conveners of the FDP for such knowledgeable academic event.

Dr. David Shehaan, Professor, Khalifa University, graced the session with a brief talk on various forms of Communication that are part and parcel of modern technology.
The presidential address was delivered by Prof. Syed. Waseem Akhtar, Founder and Chancellor, Integral University, Lucknow appreciating the theme of the program, he drew the attention of the participants to ethnicity, meaning and reality of communicative skills .Also, in his concise talk, he explored the needs of advanced communication skills in the postmodern Era and explained the sensitivity of expression in specific contexts with couplets in Urdu.
Dr.Hafiz Mohd Arif, Head, Department of Languages, proposed Vote of Thanks to the Speakers, and Participants of all the sessions.
Sessions :
Day 1 : Started with the resource speaker of the day. The speaker, Dr. Mustabshira Siddiqui spoke on 'The Communication Skills in the Virtual Era'.She gave valuable inputs on various factors that lead to the things that are lost in virtual communication during pandemic times.
Day 2 : The Speaker, Professor Shagufta Shaheen spoke on ‘Fostering Effective Communication Skills among Students: Obstacles and Strategies. She shared her views with the faculty participants that if faculty wants to develop themselves and their students then attending such FDP would enhance their skill of effective teaching. She briefed the participants about the subject chosen and highlighted the reason and importance for the same.
Day 3 : The Speaker Dr. J.S.Yadav talked about the ‘Skills for Effective Communication’ he stressed on communication process as a complex process and gave his perspective on it. He talked about how Information and Communication facilitates human progress and development. He said “Real issue is what we call is training programme that acquire different media skills.”
Day 4 : Mr. Bhai Shelley started his discussion on ‘Everyone Gains When Women Get Digital (Skills and Agency).”He highlighted the essentialities and background to Development Communication Works. He spoke on ‘Hello Didi ’project.

It was a good and knowledgeable session for all participants.
Day 5 : The speaker Dr. David Sheehan began this very important session by explaining ‘Effective Communication in the Academic Publishing Process: Maximizing Your Chance of Success.”
The speaker emphasized the major process related to the Topic. He talked about various dimensions of conducting Research and Methods and issue of Publications and various ethical considerations which must be kept in mind while undertaking research.
Day 6 & 7 : ‘Online Activity ’related to the webinars held.
Day 8 : Dr. Deepti Gupta was the speaker. She emphasized on ‘A Strategic Imperative for Effective Communication’. It was an insightful session.
Day 9 : The speaker Professor Nishat Zaidi delivered her lecture on ‘An Effective Research Proposal.’ She said “Classroom management can help in successful management of communication.”
Day 10 : Valedictory Session started with welcome note by Dr.Aareena followed by Prof. Munawwar Khalid, Dean of Humanities. He appreciated the organizing team for conducting such wonderful sessions with rare connectivity problems.
Presiding over the Session, Dr.Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Patron and Pro Chancellor, Integral University, acclaimed the efforts of organizing members and thanked all participants for patient learning.
The session was concluded by the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Hafiz Mohd Arif, Head, Department of Languages, Integral University.