Roll Ball Championship - Team Competition and Sportsmanship | Integral University Lucknow


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Integral organises the First Roll Ball University Championship in Lucknow.

The Inter Collegiate Roll Ball Championship 2018 held at Integral University on 23rd April was yet another edition of an electrifying sports event in the campus, for the love of the game. The Championship organized by the Integral University Sports Academy (IUSA) was the first time ever that a Roll Ball game was played at a University Level in Lucknow. Dr. Mohammad Zafar, Sports Director, IU and Mr. Niraj Srivastava, Secretary, District Roll ball Association Lucknow, jointly made the event possible. The event was student coordinated by Ayush Agha of B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering. Team Integral competed with Lucknow Senior Team and Lucknow Junior Team in the tournament.

The matches were spearheaded by highly established players who have played much State and National level matches. Each match had thrilling moments which engaged the spectators and generated curiosity and admiration for the game.

Roll Ball is just a decade old sport similar to basketball or handball that is played on the roller skates. The play consists of two teams of six players each, five field players and a goal tender. The balance of the body on skates along with the concentration on the ball is the key in the game. The fast and thrilling game has spread worldwide in a very short period of time as it tests all the physical abilities of a player and makes them strong. This game is surely the game of the future and is attracting the youth very much.

The Inter Collegiate Roll Ball Championship 2018 was won by the Junior Team, Lucknow in a thrilling encounter with Team Integral by 10-9 score. Ayush of Team Integral was the highest Scorer of the Tournament.

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