UPTT Tournament 2018: Thrilling Table Tennis Competition at Integral University Lucknow


29 June, 2018 | Facebook Twitter Email |

Preliminary TT matches sparks up the Integral Table Tennis Arena.

The preliminary matches beginning in the early hours today, has warmed up the 1st U.P. State Ranking Table Tennis Tournament from 29 June to 1st July 2018 at Integral University Campus, Kursi Road, Lucknow.

Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Director Planning and Research, Integral, who has also been recently unanimously elected as the President of Lucknow District Table Tennis Association assuring elaborate arrangements for the tournament and making it a huge success.

June 29th ,Friday evening will witness the astounding beginning to this coveted tournament,that will be inaugurated by Shri Alok Sinha, IAS Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of UP at 5.30 pm in the presence of Integral’s honorable chancellor Prof. Syed Waseem Akhtar, being the Guest Of Honour.

Integral is delighted to host the tournament and to promote the game of Table Tennis amongst the youth. The U.P. Table Tennis Association has had more than six decades of the glorious run for this game. UPTTA Tournaments are a matter of envy and a thing to covet. Integral University is enthusiastically powering the event with the hospitality and Venue provision.

About 415 participants from all over the State are taking part in the tournament. The tournament is held for all the singles events. Viz., Men’s/Women’s, Youth Boys/ girls, Junior Boys/Girls, Sub-Junior Boys/ Girls and Cadet Boys/ Girl. All the ranked players in each section are participating in the prestigious tournament. 150 matches are being played daily in two sessions commencing 9.00 am sharp to 1.30 pm and resuming at 2.30 pm till late evenings. The finals will be played on 1 July from 2.30 pm onwards.

Arun Kumar Banerjee, Secretary, UPTTA informs that Shri Atin Rastogi,a wellknown International Umpire will be the Chief Referee, Rahaul Prakash and Manoj Bose both backed up by immense International Umpiring experience will be the Deputy Referees. Stag 3 star Premium ball will be used through the tournament. Cash to the tune of Rs. 28, 000/- is sponsored by U.P. Table Tennis Association informed N.K. Lahiry, the organizing Secretary, who is also the Treasurer of UPTTA.

Seeding are as under:

Men’s: 1.Abhinav Belwal (Gzb) 2. Gautam Dhruvansh (Lko) 3. Hardik Paliwal (Agra) 4. Sarthak Seth (Gzb).

Womens’: 1. Suhana Narginari (Mbd) 2. Tanu Gupta,(Ald) 3. Radhapriya Goel (Gzb) 4. Pragati Srivastava (Alld).

Youth Boys: 1. Abhinav Belwal (Gzb) 2. Sarthak Seth (Gzb) 3. Ankus Kapoor (Mbd) 4. Hardik Paliwal (Agra).

Youth Girls: 1. Suhana Narginari (Mbd) 2. Radhapriya Goel (Gzb) 3. Kavya Gupta (Alld) 4. Abhisarika Yadav (Knp).

Junior Boys: 1. Divyansh Srivastava (Lko) 2. Parth Mishra (Gzb) 3. Sarth Mishra (Gzb) 4. Adarsh Srivastava (Lko).

Junior Girls:\ 1. Suhana Narginari (Mbd) 2. Ambika Gupta (Alld) 3. Mahika Dixit (Gzb) 4. Vartica Bharat (Agra).

Sub-Junior Boys: 1. Divyansh Srivastava (Lko) 2. Shiovam Chandra (Gzb) 3. Akshyat Tyagi (Gzb) 4. Sarth Mishra (Gzb).

Sub-Junior Girls: 1. Ambika Gupta (Ald) 2. Suhani Sinha (Agra) 3. Hirdyanshi Jhan (Agra) 4. Vartica Bharat (Agra).

Cadet Boys: 1. Aranis Bana (Gzb) 2. Manan Miglani (Gzb) 3. Vansh Khare (Alld) 4. Utkarsh Prabhakar (Vns).

Cadet Girls: 1. Anika Gupta (Gzb) 2. Manya Ahuja (Mbd) 3. Suhani Mahajan (Gzb) 4. Aadya Tyagi (Lko).

Felicitation of Players:

Integral University and UPTTA will honor the players who have brought laurels to UPTTA and won Medals during the National Championships 2017-18 on 30 June, 2018 at 7.30 PM at Integral University Campus, Kurshi Road, Lucknow . Prabhat C. Chaturvedi, President, UPTTA will honour the players.

Uttar Pradesh paddlers staged a fine show, winning 2 Bronze medals at the 79 Cadet & Sub-Junior National Table Tennis Championships held at Goa from 14th – 19th December, 2017.

Cadet Girl’s Singles            Bronze Medal           Vartica Bharat           – Agra

UPTTA has announced cash award of Rs. 30000/- to Bronze Medalist Vartica Bharat of Agra and Rs. 7500/- each to Cadet girl’s Team Bronze medalist members informed Arun Kumar Banerjee, Hony. Secretary, UPTTA, who is also Treasurer of TTFI.

UPTTA will also honor Vartica Bharat, Silver Medal, Junior Girls singles, Radhapriya Goel, Silver Medal, Senior Girls Singles and DPS, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad Bronze Medal, Senior girls Team championships in the 11even Sports National Inter School Championships held at Vijaywada.

Amar Nath Bhargava (Allahabad) and Shri S.C. Puri (Kanpur) won Gold in 80+ Veteran Team championships and Shri Amar Nath Bhargava (Allahabad) also won the Silver Medal in 80+ Men singles event in the 25th National Veterans Table Tennis Championships held at Jaipur from 13 to 18 February 2018.

Amar Nath Bhargava with Erkki Somelius of Finland won the World Veteran Mens Doubles (85 years) finals in Las Vegas and thus has created a maiden record in the history of Table tennis in India.