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“All our Dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Integral canvases the importance of Creativity in Entrepreneurship

Center for Career Guidance and Development, Integral University, Lucknow organized a seminar on “Creativity and Entrepreneurship” on Tuesday, 9th April 2019 at 2:30 pm at the Central Auditorium of the University.

Entrepreneurship and Creativity form a perfect combination. Creativity is one of the things that every leader and entrepreneur need. Creativity allows an entrepreneur to disconnect from the accustomed and move into uncharted territories with an aim to discern unique and useful solutions.

The world belongs to those who are ready to Walk the Talk and take the next step in their journey and this is the perfect saying if we talk about our Guest of Honour Mr. Abdullah Hassan, CEO & Co Founder Dhow Capital, Kuwait. Mr. Abdullah Hassan has 25+ years experience with large Multinational companies like Intel Capital (USA), Sony (Japan), Aramex (UAE), Horizon Ventures (Hongkong) etc. He has delivered several lectures, workshops and sessions to students and professionals in his efforts to change the dynamics of modern day economic opportunities.

The welcome address was given by Dr. Nilanjan Mukherji, Director, CCG& D, Integral University who enlightened his thoughts on Creatitvity and Entrepreneurship.

“Creativity is not just about coming up with the ideas. It is about being able to adapt to new circumstances, navigate uncertainity and find solutions as problems arise remarked Dr Nilanjan Mukherji. Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar (Director of Planning & Research) also graced the occasion with his presence.
Mr. Abdullah Hassan, CEO & Co Founder, Dhow Capital, Kuwait, the guest of honour enlightened the students present at the auditorium with his provoking thoughts. He said that we need to have an environment which inspire and motivate us to get success in life. “You have time to build your dreams, nothing happens in a day but everything happens daily” he said.

The prime objective of the seminar was significantly making the students understand the importance of entrepreneurship for sustainable development in the society and to develop a plan to make the changes necessary to pursue an entrepreneurial career. Through this whole session, students got a lot of knowledge which will be highly beneficial for their future.

At the end, Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar (Director Planning & Research) presented the momento to Mr. Abdullah Hassan and Dr. Nilanjan Mukherji articulated the vote of thanks.