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Faculty of Commerce and Management, Integral University organized a National Webinar on the theme “TOURISM AND COVID: ROAD TO RECOVERY” on 3rd July, 2021 wherein total 110+ participants from 21 Universities and Institutes have attended the webinar.

The outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic has brought almost all areas of the business to a standstill. Arguably, the worst affected has been the Tourism and Hospitality industry. According to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), this is by far the worst crisis International Tourism has faced since 1950. The webinar is designed to discuss the impact of COVID 19 on the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality.

Webinar started under the patronage of Prof. Syed Waseem Akhtar, Hon’ble Founder & Chancellor and Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Pro-Chancellor, of Integral University Lucknow. Event observed the gracious presence of Prof. Javed Musarrat, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Integral University, Lucknow as Chairman of the event.

The webinar started with welcome address by Prof. A.K Saxena, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Integral University, Lucknow. He emphasized that though Covid 19 has created hardships in the journey of tourism industry, but Government of India is finding ways to revive the industry. He also highlighted the methods being adopted by the Government of India how to be overcome the third wave of predicted Covid-19, pandemic.

Prof. Parikshat Singh Manhas discussed the impact of COVID 19 on Tourism Industry vitally and exclusively. Prof. Manhas pointed out the issues and challenges faced by tourism industry and offered solutions at length that may help the tourism sector to overcome with the current situation. He highlighted the issues of Public Health Services, Sustainable People, Places and Progress, Monetary and Fiscal Solutions, promotion of religious tourism, restoring traveler’s confidence and Intellectual Capital Development to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)-2030. He gave MANTRAS of Adaptability, Efficiency, Opportunity, Inclusively and Universalism that will lead to sustainable development and quality enhancement. Prof. Manhas also suggested the steps to be adopted for implementation of new Tourism Policy being developed in the light of current Covid 19 pandemic.

Prof.Javed Musarrat, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Integral University, Lucknow, endorsed the views of the learned speaker. Prof. Manhas thereby emphasizing the sufferings of people in terms of unemployment in Tourism & Hospitability Industry as a whole, nationally and globally. He acknowledged the support of the Chief Patron and Patron in conducting this webinar. He also appreciated the efforts of Faculty of Commerce and Management, Integral University, Lucknow for taking up this very important topic for discussion. The webinar successfully completed with vote of thanks by Dr. Syed Shahid Mazhar, Head, Department of Commerce and Business Management, Integral University, Lucknow.