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The Center for Career Guidance & Development (CCG&D), Integral University, organized a global webinar “JOBS FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS’’ on Saturday 6th June 2020. The event was streamed live on You Tube.

Students, academicians and working professionals from across 29 countries participated in the event. Over 8000 participants viewed the webinar live from the following countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Somalia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Sudan, Liberia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Turkey, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and India.

The 60 minutes webinar was themed around the most relevant topic facing economies today – JOBS. Three eminent panelists having a diverse range of experience in their fields touched upon the key aspects of JOBS FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS and deliberated on New emerging technologies, new ways of hiring, skills required for new age jobs and the role of a University in this transition.

Mr. Ashish Bhalla, Global Corporate Recruitments Head & Campus Relations, HCL Technologies Ltd. deliberated on the New emerging Technologies and the new ways of hiring, he talked about the fast pace at which the Technology and the IT industry is refining itself. This is also opening up growth opportunities for youngsters. Mr. Ashish said that apart from Domain skills coupled with Digital skills, Self-discipline and Behavioral competencies will be the focus areas for HR teams, while selecting the candidates for the next 5 years.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, FACE also expressed his views in the webinar. He clearly stated that though Digital skills are the new normal but the ability to adapt and work readiness is going to be the most sought after skills. He emphasized that Functional skills based on the digital literacy are going to be the mandatory requirement across the board. Also fast Google..ing Skills as we know today will be highly critical in the future. Mr. Rajesh, an IIM Kozhikode Alumnus highlighted that the resilient Life skills and the ability to find the next opportunity in an optimistic way will be the key going forward. These will only come with curiosity and sincerity.

Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Pro-Chancellor Integral University, discussed the Role of Universities in this Transition. He said there should not be a rush for online or digital education, as it will not replace class room education any time soon, but only will enhance and compliment it.

Digitalization is now pervasive. He drew special attention that now the Universities must become platforms of facilitation and to be Centers of enablement. Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, emphasized on the evolving aspirations and engrained discipline which shall be essential requirements in the coming days. He further said that that continuous learning will be the key for sustenance because some where someone is already way ahead of us.

Dr. Nilanjan Mukherji, Director - Center for Career Guidance and Development (CCG&D) Integral University, Lucknow (India) conducted the event as the moderator. In his summing up statement Dr. Nilanjan said Future is already here, when we say tomorrow, it’s already today in New Zealand.

Adapt …Learn ….Succeed is going to be the new mantra.

The webinar is available on Youtube for viewing & sharing: Click Here