Old Age Samarpan - Upholding the Welfare of Senior Citizens | Integral University Lucknow


27 Feb, 2018 |Facebook |Twitter |Email |

The simple act of caring is heroic and our University Social work heroes were on a role, visiting an old age home in Lucknow.

It was a role reversal of sorts, when young Integralities headed towards an old age home to take care, lend support and most importantly lend their ears to the senior citizens.

Lifestyles have changed, some for the better and a few with negative consequences. The population in general has been reaping the benefits, and mostly those from the younger generation have been able to realize many of their dreams and develop their careers in a better fashion than was possible earlier. The young brigade @ Integral opted to give back the love and support of elderly by visiting, comforting and listening to their experiences by spending quality time with them

The University Social work team visited the Samarpan old age home in Lucknow where it was a small wonderful world of self existence.

“The age after retirement gets very lonely, it needs company and warmth” expressed Afzal, volunteer,University Social service. The people who opt to stay in these homes are basically the ones who do not have their close family to look after them. They are in their 70s or 80s, and are the ones who have seen joint families wherein the social fabric was well-woven and due respect was given to elders. The elders then had the assurance that someone would take care of them when needed.

Old age home provides them shelter and other basic things for existence and life. The University Social Work volunteers had prepared the medical kits and distributed it to the seniors. Besides the medical attention, the youngsters instilled confidence with pleasant words of encouragement, which in itself has the power to cure the illness.