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Integral Cares

Students from Integral University accomplished the social Service Drive at Charbagh Railway Station.

A student is said to be always engrossed in something or the other. Books,gadgets or entertainment is always on top of their mind. But when a student decides on volunteering for social work , it not only says volumes about their upbringing and personality but also their commitment inculcated by their educational institution.

Volunteers from Integral University organized and conducted a successful social Service Drive at the Charbagh Station on Thursday -14 Dec 2017.

The students distributed dry food items and water to those who probably headed towards their work and destination without getting to eat the first meal of the day.

They helped the elderly and women at the railway station with their luggage, carrying their load quite literally

Integral University believes in providing opportunities and choices that support the needs of society through available and accessible services. We believe in collaborative communications, teamwork, partnerships and trust for essential health services

These efforts from our students would surely play a healing role by rebuilding trust in the under privileged society. Its values of solidarity and engagement inspire us to live sustainably so that our human actions do not jeopardize the needs, or the existence, of future generations.