Departmental Achievements

Sr No Session Name Award/ Recognition/Selection Name of Award/ Recognition/Selection Details View
1 2022-23 SHAHAB UD DIN Recognition Recognition for Paper Presentation Recognition for Paper Presentation by Confab360 Degree View
2 2022-23 Dr. Rizwana Atiq Award Patent Patent on A model for the lifestyle and consumption pattern of Indian middle class women View
3 2022-23 DR. SYED SHAHID MAZHAR Award Research Excellence Award-2022 Award by InSc Institute of Scholars for Paper Publication View
4 2022-23 DR. FARHINA SARDAR KHAN Award Best Indian Research Award-2022 Awarded Certificate for best concept presentation in World Patent Conclave-2022 View
5 2022-23 Dr Orooj Siddiqui Award Best Doctoral Thesis Award Special Minds,India and Unifacvest University Brazil South Africa View
6 2022-23 Dr Orooj Siddiqui Award Patent Published Method and Process Labor resource Management and Utilization System. View
7 2022-23 Dr. Farhina Sardar Khan Award Award for Excellence in Education-2022 Outstanding Services in field of Education View
8 2022-23 Dr. Farhina Sardar Khan Award Award for Outstanding Research Paper Certificate Awarded for Outstanding Research Paper by Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi View
9 2021-22 Dr Orooj Siddiqui Award Patent Published Effective Learning organization and the role of Human resource development View
10 2021-22 Dr. Abdul Tayyab Khan Award Patent Online Auction and Fine Using ML and IoT- Based System View
11 2021-22 Dr. Abdul Tayyab Khan Award Patent Smart Financial Management System for E-Commerce Sites to Analyse Price and Profit Using Machine Learning Approach View
12 2021-22 Dr. Syed Shahid Mazhar Award Best Paper Award Best Paper Award by Integral University-2021 View
13 2021-22 Dr. Nazia Akhlaq Award Best Performer Award Best Performer for August 2021 by AMP View
14 2020-21 SHAHAB UD DIN Recognition Letter of Appreciation Letter of Appreciation from SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) View
15 2019-20 Dr. Riwana Atiq Recognition Recognition Awarded a “ Gold Performer” certificate for successful completion of 8 week online FDP on “Courseware creation using Moodle for outcome based education “ from 8th July up to 5th September 2019. View
16 2019-20 Amit Kumar Goel Recognition Recognition Got the honour pin from Nikolaev National University named after VO Sukhomlinsky, Ukraine View
17 2018-19 Amit Kumar Goel Recognition Acknowledgement Letter Recognition for Significant Scholarly and Academic contribution in Mykolaiv University, Ukraine View
18 2017-18 Dr. Rizwana Atiq Award Top Performer Top Performer in Foundation Program conducted by IIT,Bombay View
19 2016-17 Dr. Syed Shahid Mazhar Award Best Paper Award Best Paper Award by International Journal of Research - Granthalaya View
20 2007-08 SHAHAB UD DIN Award Certificate Awarded Certificate awarded by CITM View
Sr No Session Achievement Name/ Collaboration Details of Collaboration/ Achievements View
1 2021-22 Collaboration BAJAJ FINSERV LIMITED View
2 2020-21 Collaboration Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), U.K. View
3 2020-21 Collaboration SIDBI, Lucknow View
4 2019-20 Collaboration Kharkiv National AgrarianUniversity, Ukraine View
5 2019-20 Collaboration Safe Educate, Safexpress, New Delhi View
6 2019-20 Collaboration Time Pro Learning (Times of India Group) View
7 2019-20 Collaboration Mykolaiv V.O. Sukhomlynskyi National University, Ukraine View
8 2019-20 Collaboration National University of Ship Building, Ukraine View
9 2019-20 Collaboration IBM View
10 2016-17 Collaboration i- Nurture, Bangalore View
11 2016-17 Collaboration National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) View