Departmental Achievements

  • Civil Services/GATE /NET/SLET/GRE of Students/ Alumni

    Sr No Name Program Year of Graducation Selection Details
    1 Zehra Asif Hussain Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Biotechnology - as per NEP 2022-23 Recognition Science on Canvas Poster Making in Nitranter Fest 2023
    2 Aditi Pandey Master of Science (Microbiology) 2018-19 Selection CSIR-JRF (AIR-140)
Sr No Session Name Award/ Recognition/Selection Name of Award/ Recognition/Selection Details View
1 2022-23 Dr. Snober S Mir Award SERB CRG Core Research Grant View
2 2022-23 Dr. Uzma Afaq Award Young Scientist Award Society of Life Sciences View
3 2022-23 Dr. Nilofer Award Best Ph.D. Thesis award Agricultural Technology Development Society View
4 2021-22 Mohammad Salman Khan Selection Membership Member National Academy of Sciences India View
5 2021-22 AMITA DUBEY Award DST-SERB Startup Research Grant View
6 2021-22 Dr. Mohd Khubaib Award UP-CST Research Funding View
7 2021-22 Dr. Snober S. Mir Award Achiever's Award Daily Insider presents CHIRAG-E-AWADH Achiever's Award 2022 sponsored by ZARI india View
8 2021-22 Dr. Sangeeta Singh Award Travel Grant Korean Diabetes Association Travel award View
9 2021-22 Dr. Nilofer Award Young Scientist Award Science and Tech Society for rural Improvement View
10 2020-21 Mohammad Ashfaque Award VDGOOD International scientist award View
11 2020-21 Snober S. Mir Award SERB-STAR DST-SERB View
12 2019-20 Saheem Ahmad Award IARE young researcher award International academic and research excellence View
13 2019-20 Mohammad Ashfaque Award Young Scientist Award RASSA, New Delhi View
14 2019-20 Farina Mujeeb Award Budding Scientist Award Indian Society of Horticultural research and development View
15 2019-20 M. Salman Khan Award DHR DHR View
16 2019-20 Rolee Sharma Award DST- SERB DST View
17 2018-19 Neelam Pathak Award UP-CST UP-CST View
18 2018-19 Department of Biosciences Award DST-FIST DST View
19 2018-19 Saheem Ahmad Award Young Faculty Award Young Faculty Award, DKIRF, Tamilnadu View
20 2018-19 Saheem Ahmad Award Bharat Vikas Award Institute of self-reliance, Bhubaneshwar View
21 2018-19 Saheem Ahmad Award Slovakia NSP Awards for teachers and researchers NSP, Slovakia View
22 2018-19 Mohd. Salman Khan Award Outstanding scientist Venus International Society View
23 2017-18 Priti Bajpai Award Nominated as Member of National Academy of Sciences NASI, Allahabad View
24 2017-18 Neelam Pathak Award Award to the Authors of Excellent Papers in Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Science Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Science View
25 2017-18 Saheem Ahmad Award National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) Life time membership award NAMS View
26 2016-17 Preeti Bajpai Award Women Young Scientist SERB, MST, Govt. of India View
27 2016-17 Preeti Bajpai Award Award to the Authors of Excellent Papers in Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Science Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Science View
28 2016-17 M. Sajid Khan Award UP-CST UP-CST- (19/09/2016 to 18/09/2019) View
29 2015-16 Saheem Ahmad Award SERB, MST, Govt. of India Young Scientist Project Award View
30 2015-16 Saheem Ahmad Award UP-CST-Young Scientist award UP-CST View
31 2015-16 Priti Bajpai Award DST WOS A DST View
32 2015-16 Priti Bajpai Award SERB-YS SERB View
33 2015-16 Irfan A. Ansari Award UP-CST UP-CST View
34 2014-15 Mohammad salman Khan Selection 308/DEL/2014 Published View
Sr No Session Achievement Name/ Collaboration Details of Collaboration/ Achievements View
1 2021-22 Achievement Name Department of Biosciences Integral University, received a Certificate of Appreciation from DBT sponsored project MANAV-Human Atlas Initiative. View
2 2019-20 Collaboration Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), Lucknow View
3 2018-19 Collaboration Prof. Peter Celec, Institute of Molecular Biomedicine, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia View
4 2017-18 Collaboration ICAR - Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow View
5 2016-17 Collaboration Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine (ICBFM), Novosibirsk, Russia View
6 2016-17 Collaboration Prof. Andreas Bender, University of Cambridge View
7 2016-17 Collaboration College of Sciences, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia View