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The Department of Biosciences at Integral University has been a fountainhead of research and teaching activities aimed at multidisciplinary understanding of modern biology. Bioscience is the branch of sciences concerned with living organisms and their life processes, from microorganisms to towering trees and gigantic whales. Bioscience technology is a growing and dynamic field that applies life processes to practical uses, such as manufacturing of medical devices and development of new bioscience procedures. From pharmaceutical drugs to pacemakers, genetically engineered plants to gene therapy, bioscience technology is at work all around us. Bioscience research organizations are becoming quite numerous in today’s time. Because these organizations have a lot of work to complete, and loads of life-saving discoveries to make, they are progressing more and more each day in their search for helping people live happier, healthier, longer lives. Careers in the bioscience industry are as varied as bioscience products themselves. Biotechnologists work in research, manufacturing and quality control, in analytical labs, in the field of agriculture and pharmaceutical companies.

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H.O.D. Dr. Mir Snober Shabnam
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