Faculty Members

(A great team of professional teachers and speakers)

Email : headee@iul.ac.in,atifsiddiqui@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Process Control, Sliding mode Control, Modified Structure Control
Subject Taught : Control System, Advance control system, Industrial process control, Communication

Email : malam@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Digital Image Processing
Subject Taught : Digital Signal Processing, Optical Communication, Signals & Systems, Microwave Engg, Network & system, Biomedical Electronics, Measurement & Instrumentation, Antenna & Wave Propagation, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Microprocessor & its application,

Email : ajansari@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Renewable Energy, Fuzzy Logic, Power Electronics, Measurement & Instrumentation
Subject Taught : High Voltage Engg. , Application of Power Electronics to Power Systems, Power Electronics, Measurement & Instrumentation, Electrical Machines, Networks & Systems, Fuzzy Theory and its applications, Digital Instrumentation, Renewable Energy

Email : afminai@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Multilevel Converters, Soft Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Instrumentation & Control, Renewable Energy
Subject Taught : Soft Computing in Solar PV and Wind Energy Conversion System, Power Electronics Based Converters Design, Energy Audit, Advanced Power Electronics, Power Plant Instrumentation, Non Conventional Energy Resources, Network Systems, Basic Electrical Engineering, Control Systems, Advanced Instrumentation

Email : mallick@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Power System & Drives, Renewable Energy Systems, Forecasting
Subject Taught : Basic Electronics, Basic Electrical Engineering, Electrical Machines, Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments, Measurement & Instrumentation, Power Electronics, Switchgear & Protection, Static Electric Drives, Renewable Energy and Environment

Email : mksiddiqui@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Power System & Drives, Renewable Energy, Control System
Subject Taught : Basic Electrical Engineering, Electrical machines, Control systems, Network Theory, Power system Analysis, High Voltage Engg., Element of Power System, Power plant Instrumentation, Measurement and Control

Email : qamar@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Instrumentation and Control, Machine
Subject Taught : Basic Electrical Engg, Linear Networks and Systems, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Measurement & Instrumentation, Bio Instrumentation, Digital Instrumentation

Email : akhlaque@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Instrumentation and Control, Power Electronics, Fuzzy logic
Subject Taught : Basic Electrical Engg, Linear Networks and Systems, Numerical Analysis and Applications, Circuit Theory, Electrical Machines and Power Utilization, Control Systems, Electrical Machines, Non Conventional Energy Resources. Network Theory, Fuzzy Theory and its Application

Email : ambreen@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Instrumentation & Control System, Control System
Subject Taught : Basic Electrical Engg, Control System, Power Electronics, Power Station Practices, Electric Traction, DSP and it’s Applications , Advance Instrumentation

Email : mmshadab@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Multilevel Inverter, Machines & Power System
Subject Taught : Electrical Machine, Basic Electrical Engineering, Elements of Power System, Power System Analysis, Linear Network and Systems, Control System, Optimization Techniques, Network Theory

Email : prabhat@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Power Electronics, Matrix & Resonant Converters, Control system, Power Quality and Active Power Conditioning, Renewable energy resources.
Subject Taught : Basic electrical Engineering, Network System and Analysis, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Power Electronics, Electric Drive, Advance Control System, Renewable Energy & Grid Integration, Non-Conventional Energy Resources. Advance Electric Drive, Advance Instrumentation, Digital Instrumentation.

Email : masim@iul.ac.in Mob:8299483184
Area of Expertise : Power System & Drives, Renewable Energy
Subject Taught : Electrical machines, Power System, Special Electrical Machines, Utilization of Electrical Energy and traction, Electric Drives, Electrical Machine and Control, High Voltage Engineering, Basic Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Materials, Power Electronics, Bio instrumentation.

Email : israr@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Power System, Power Electronics, Soft Computing
Subject Taught : FACTS Devices, Network Analysis, Control System, Power System, Power Electronics, Power system operation & control, Signal System Analysis, Digital Electronics, Soft Computing, Basic Electrical, Renewable energy resources, Energy management & SCADA.