Faculty Members

(A great team of professional teachers and speakers)

Dr. Mohammad Faisal
(Professor - HOD)
Email : mdfaisal@iul.ac.in/headca@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Requirement Engineering, Distributed System, Operating System.
Subject Taught : Distributed System, Operating System, Mobile Computing, Graph Theory, Computer Networks

Dr. Muhammad Kalamuddin Ahmad
(Associate Professor)
Email : mohdkalam@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Parallel Computing
Subject Taught : Discrete Mathematics, Optimization Technique, Theory of Automaton, Compiler Design, Parallel Computing, Graph Theory , Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Md. Faizan Farooqui
(Associate Professor)
Email : ffarooqui@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Web Technology
Subject Taught : Operating System, DBMS, Computer Organization, Graph Theory, Computer Graphics and Animation, ERP, Data Warehousing & Data Mining, OOP(C++), E-Commerce

Dr. Anwar Bari
(Assistant Professor)
Email : anwarbari@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Database Management System, Web Technologies, Object Oriented Systems and C++, Software Testing
Subject Taught : ADBMS, DBMS, Web Technology, Java Programming, Computer Organization, Microprocessor Architecture, E-Commerce

Dr. Tabrez Khan
(Assistant Professor)
Email : tabrez@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Programming Languages, Data Structure, Software Engg.
Subject Taught : C, C++, Data Structure, E-Commerce

Dr. Arshad Ali
(Assistant Professor)
Email : arshad@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Computer Network
Subject Taught : Computer Fundamentals, C Programming, Computer Organization, Web Designing, Unix/Linux

Dr. Tasneem Ahmed
(Associate Professor)
Email : tasneema@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing, Image Fusion, Change Detection, Satellite Image Processing, SAR Data Analysis For Land Cover Characterization
Subject Taught : Data Communication and Computer Networks, JAVA Programming, Digital Image Processing

Dr. Farooq Ahmad
(Assistant Professor)
Email : farooqa@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : RDBMS, SQL Programming(PL/SQL), Programming Languages(C, C++, Java, C#, Python), Web Technologies, Software Engineering, .NET, Open Source Technology(PHP)
Subject Taught : RDMS, Object Oriented Programming Using Java, Database Security, Python Programming, Web Technology, MIS, Software Engineering, Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Dr. Mohd. Waris Khan
(Assistant Professor)
Email : mwariskhan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Engineering, Requirement Engineering, Software Security
Subject Taught : Software Engineering and Project Management, Computer Graphics and Animation, DBMS, Data Structure using C, System Analysis and Design, Cyber Law and Internet Security, Operating System

Dr. Ausaf Ahmad
(Assistant Professor)
Email : ausaf@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Mining Software Repositories, Software Engineering, Data Structure and Algorithms, Computer Architecture
Subject Taught : Computer Architecture and Microprocessor, Computer Organization

Dr. Mohd Faizan
(Assistant Professor)
Email : mdfaizan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Dark Web, Metaheuristics, Optimization, Information Retrieval
Subject Taught : Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, C/Java

Dr. Asif Khan
(Assistant Professor)
Email : asifk@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Soft Computing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics/Computer Vision, Nature Inspired Computing
Subject Taught : Data Science with Python, AI, C programming, Networking with Java, Mobile Computing, Computer Fundamentals and Programming concepts

Mr. Mohd Shabbir
(Assistant Professor)
Email : mshabbir@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Computer Organization, Data Structure Using C
Subject Taught : System Analysis and Design

Mr. Faizan Mahmood
(Assistant Professor)
Email : mfaizan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Engineering
Subject Taught : Python Programming, Data Analytics using R, Operating System, Data Structure using C, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering,

Dr. Bably Dolly
(Assistant Professor)
Email : dolly@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Digital Image Processing and Pattern recognition, Machine Learning, Software Engineering
Subject Taught : Data Structure, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Multimedia, E-Commerce, Computer Organization, Cyber Crime and Law, Web Technology, JAVA, C/C++, .NET

Dr. Afreen Khan
(Assistant Professor)
Email : afreenkhan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Big Data and Analytics, Healthcare Informatics
Subject Taught : Computer Fundamentals and C Programming, Image Processing, Data Science, Cyber Laws and Internet Security, Cyber Crime and Cyber Law, Big Data Visualization

Ms. Fareen
(Assistant Professor)
Email : fareenali@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Networking
Subject Taught : Computer Network, Java Programming, Data Structure, Operating System, Unix and Shell Programming, Computer Graphics, C Programming

Mr. Safikur Rahman Khan
(Assistant Professor)
Email : srkhan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Fundamental of C, Data Structure using C, C++, Computer Networks
Subject Taught : Fundamental of C, Data structure using C, C++, Computer Networks, Automata Theory, Discrete Mathematics

Mr. Kamran Ahmad
(Assistant Professor)
Email : kamranamd@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Digital Image Processing, C, C++, Python
Subject Taught : Operating System, Automata Theory, Compiler Design, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming using C++, Discrete Mathematics

Mr. Sarfaraz Alam
(Assistant Professor)
Email : sarfaraz@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Organization
Subject Taught : Software Engineering, Data Science, Computer Organization, CBNST, System Analysis and Design, Discrete Mathematics

Mr. Shameem Ahmad Ansari
(Assistant Professor)
Email : shameemansari@iul.ac
Area of Expertise : Object Oriented Programming, Data Structure, Programming Languages(C, C++, Java), Operating System
Subject Taught : Object Oriented Programming using Java, Operating System, Data Structure, Web Technologies, RDBMS, PHP, Computer Networks

Mr. Shubham Kumar
(Assistant Professor)
Email : kshubham@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Cyber Security
Subject Taught : Linux Administration, Advanced Virtualization, Installation & Configuration of Server, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security Incident Response Management, Web Technology, Cyber Law and Internet Security, AI and Expert Systems, Blockchain Computing

Mr. Rizwan Akhtar
(Assistant Professor)
Email : rizwan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Development, Web Designing, Software Testing
Subject Taught : Python, Java, C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Software Testing, DBMS

Ms. Farha Zia
(Assistant Professor)
Email : farhazia@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Engineering, Computer Networks
Subject Taught : Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Web Technology, Database Management System, Operating System, C Programming, Java

Mr. Vishal Agarwal
(Assistant Professor)
Email : vagarwal@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Programming Languages
Subject Taught : Java, Python, VB.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Unix And Shell Programming, Data Structure, DBMS, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Operating System, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence

Ms. Nadiya Parveen
(Assistant Professor)
Email : nadiyaparveen@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Web Technology
Subject Taught : Computer Fundamental and C Programming, Java Programming, C++, AI, Data Structure, Computer Organization

Ms. Fiza Afreen
(Assistant Professor)
Email : fizaafreen@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Web Technology
Subject Taught : C Programming, OS, Data Structures, Computer Network , Digital electronics, Computer Organization & Architecture

Mr. Motashim Rasool
(Assistant Professor)
Email : motashim@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Python and Data science
Subject Taught : Python Programming, Data Analytics, OOPS using Java

Mr. Sumit Yadav
(Assistant Professor)
Email : sumity@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Discrete Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Software Testing, Data Compression
Subject Taught : Discrete Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Syed Adnan Afaq
(Assistant Professor)
Email : saafaq@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Engineering, Requirement Engineering, Data Structure, Cyber Security and Unix Shell Programming
Subject Taught : Cyber Crime & Cyber Law, Data Structure, Unix Shell Programming, System Analysis and Design, Multimedia System

Mr. Mohammad Arif Ali Usmani
(Assistant Professor)
Email : mausmani@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Project, Research, Digital Images Processing, Open CV, Machine Learning, RDBMS, Digital Electronics
Subject Taught : Digital Image Processing, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Uvais Ahmad
(Assistant Professor)
Email : uvaisa@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Python Programming Language, web Technology, C Language, Java
Subject Taught : Data Compression, Python, Fundamental of Computer

Ms. Saumya Singh
(Assistant Professor)
Email : saumyas@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Artificial Intelligence
Subject Taught : Data Structure, Operating system, Linux, Management Information System, Cyber Security

Mr. Masood Ahmad
(Assistant Professor)
Email : masood@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Medical device security, Soft computing, AI
Subject Taught : AI, Cybersecurity, Soft computing, Computer Organisation and Architecture, Computer Network, ML

Mr. Satish Kumar
(Assistant Professor)
Email : satishkr@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Information Security, Medical Image Security, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence
Subject Taught : DBMS, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python/Java/C++

Dr. Shweta Dwivedi
(Assistant Professor)
Email : dshweta@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Fuzzy Database and AI
Subject Taught : Java Programming, Data Structures Algorithm and Analysis