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Welcome to our Department of Chemistry at Integral University. The Department started in 1998 since the inception of Integral Institute of Technology and then full-fledged Integral University in 2004. You will find here inspiring teachers, enthusiastic students and talented researchers. We offer undergraduate and post graduate program in Industrial Chemistry and research into all disciplines of chemistry and the interdisciplinary links with Department of Biosciences, Bioengineering, Pharmacy, Environmental Sciences and Medicine etc. We are blessed with research faculty who are routinely recognized in their fields of inquiry, with teaching faculty and technical staff who excel and garner university acclaim for their achievements. Our students are integral to the learning that transpires in Chemistry and we maintain high standards for both our instructors and students.

The labs for teaching and research have been rebuilt allowing students and faculty to safely conduct important and challenging experiments. There is magnificent lab space for students, working in their own fume hood, and taught with the latest in teaching technologies.

We have large, new, fully equipped University Sciences Instrumentation Center for every type of chemical analysis. We have MoUs with CSIR laboratories like CDRI, IITR, NSRI, CIMAP etc for collaborative research. We invite you to explore our web site, enroll in our courses, join our graduate and post graduate program, carry out cutting-edge research, engage our faculty and staff and enter the diverse and interesting world of Chemistry. I hope you will join our community of chemistry scholars, make the most of the opportunities we offer, and build a rewarding career.

Chemistry deals with the nature of substances and the generation of entirely new materials by their mutual reaction. Industrial Chemistry as a subject, therefore, comes as a very important tool for an application of chemical knowledge to a wide range of industrial endeavors. The pharmaceutical, petrochemical, soap and detergents, paints, dyes and textiles, insecticides, food and biochemical industries are just some of the endeavors where industrial chemistry is applied.

Our Department runs undergraduate & post graduate programmes in industrial chemistry with an intake of 40 students. Most of the passed-out students are well placed in industries in India and abroad. A few are pursuing their research career at different institutes/universities. The department also imparts teaching in chemistry as subsidiary subjects to B.Tech. students of various branches.

The Department also offers the Ph.D. programmes mainly in Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. Presently twenty students are pursuing the Ph.D. programme. More than 100 research papers in National and International journals have so for been published by various research groups of the department

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H.O.D. Prof. Abdul Rahman Khan
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