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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Integral University, a distinguished institution with a rich legacy dating back to 1998, coinciding with the establishment of Integral Institute of Technology, and subsequently evolving into the full-fledged Integral University in 2004. Our department is characterized by a dynamic community comprising inspiring educators, motivated students, and accomplished researchers.

The Department administers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Industrial Chemistry and Chemistry, accommodating an intake of 40 students. Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the successful placement of the majority of our graduates within industries in India and overseas. Additionally, a select cohort of alumni have embarked on research careers at esteemed institutes and universities globally. Furthermore, the Department plays a pivotal role in providing supplementary instruction in chemistry to B.Tech. students across various branches, enriching their academic pursuits and fostering interdisciplinary learning.

At Integral University, we are privileged to have a distinguished faculty whose expertise is consistently recognized within their respective fields of inquiry. Our teaching faculty and technical staff are committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence, ensuring an enriching learning environment for both instructors and students alike.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories have been meticulously redesigned to facilitate safe and meaningful experimentation, equipped with the latest technologies to support our teaching and research endeavors. The Center of Excellence for Interdisciplinary Research (ICEIR) boasts a comprehensive suite of equipment for chemical and biological analysis, catering to the diverse needs of our research community.

Our research laboratory is purposefully designed to accommodate advanced research projects, furnished with a wide array of sophisticated instruments including FTIR, XRD, LC-MS, ICP-MS, HPLC, UV-Vis spectrometers,  among others. Through strategic partnerships with esteemed institutions such as CSIR laboratories including CDRI, IITR, NSRI, and CIMAP, we foster a collaborative environment conducive to groundbreaking discoveries.

We offer a range of opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning experiences, pursue graduate and postgraduate programs, and contribute to cutting-edge research initiatives. Our Ph.D. programs encompass various specialized fields including Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Environmental Chemistry, attracting a diverse cohort of scholars keen on advancing scientific knowledge.

Presently thirty nine students are pursuing the Ph.D. programme. More than 500 research papers in National and International journals have so for been published by various research groups of the department. We invite you to explore our offerings, enroll in our programs, and become part of our vibrant community of chemistry scholars, where endless opportunities await to shape a fulfilling career in the fascinating world of Chemistry.

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