Faculty Members

(A great team of professional teachers and speakers)

Mrs. Kavita Agarwal
(Associate Professor)
Email : kavita@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Algorithms
Subject Taught : Design Analysis of Algorithm, Compiler Design

Dr. Shish Ahmad
Email : shish@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Wireless Sensor Networks, Light weighted Network Security, IoT and Cloud Computing
Subject Taught : Big Data, IoT, WSN, Microprocessor, Cryptography, Computer Networks and DBMS

Dr. Mohammad Haroon
Email : mharoon@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, soft computing, distributed machine learning, system software,Theory of computing,Distributed Computing
Subject Taught : Fundamental of computer, C programing language, OOPs&C++ programing Language, Assembly and C language, Machine learning , Internet of Things, Deep learning, Artificial intelligence, computer Network, Data structure, Computer organization, Computer architecture, Advanced Computer Architecture, Database Management System, compiler Design, Automata theory, Soft Computing

Dr. Jameel Ahmad
(Associate Professor)
Email : jameel@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Computer Networks, Distributed System
Subject Taught : Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Software Project & Quality Management, Distributed System

Dr. Manish Madhava Tripathi
Email : mmt@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Healthcare processing, Data Science, Penetration Testing
Subject Taught : Mathematical Programming, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Image Processing, Computer Graphics

Dr. Halima Sadia
(Associate Professor)
Email : halima@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Engineering & Soft Computing, Blockchain & Healthcare
Subject Taught : Database Management System, Distributed Systems, Advance Database Concepts, Advance Distributed OS, Computer Graphics & Animation

Dr. Faiyaz Ahamad
(Associate Professor)
Email : faiyaz@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Soft computing and Deep Learning, Cyber security,Computer Network
Subject Taught : Soft computing, Machine learning, cloud computing and cyber security

Dr. Sheeba Praveen
(Associate Professor)
Email : sheeba@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Engineering project Management ,Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning
Subject Taught : Software Engineering and Project Management,Operating System, Object Oriented Methodology and programming languages,Machine Learning. Fuzzy Logic, Microprocessor and its Application, Design Analysis and Algorithm

Dr. Mohammad Akbar
(Associate Professor)
Email : akbar@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : AI & Machine Learning, Computer Network & Security, Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks, Data Structure
Subject Taught : Data Structure, AI, Python & C/C++ Programming, Computer Networking, Mobile Computing, Compiler Design

Dr. Mohammad Suaib
(Associate Professor)
Email : suaib@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Machine learning,Data Mining,Artificial Intelligence
Subject Taught : Theory of Automata, Discrete Structure, Computer Graphics, Graph Theory, Machine Learning, Advance Cloud Computing

Mohd Usman Khan
(Assistant Professor)
Email : usmankhan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Data Analytics,Machine learning, Robotics & Software Engineering
Subject Taught : Computer Graphics. Cryptography Operating System, MANET,Open Source Software Technologies, Advanced Robotics,Mobile Computing, Data Warehousing Data Mining, Computer Programming

Roshan Jahan
(Assistant Professor)
Email : roshan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Machine Learning, Image Processing, Neural Network
Subject Taught : Software Engineering, Operating System, Software Project and Quality management, Cloud Computing, Data Mining

Ankita Srivastava
(Assistant Professor)
Email : ankita@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Fuzzy Databases,Cloud Security, Blockchain
Subject Taught : C and JAVA Programming, Software Engineering, Cyber Law & Information Security

Nudrat Fatima
(Assistant Professor)
Email : nudratf@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Database Management system, Data Mining and Warehousing, Operating system, Graph Theory, Data Structure
Subject Taught : Data Mining and Warehousing, Operating system, Graph Theory, Visual programming techniques.

Dr. Sifatullah Siddiqi
(Assistant Professor)
Email : sifatullah@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Text Mining
Subject Taught : Cyber Law, Computer Programming, Data Structures, Machine Learning

Dr. S. H. Abbas Rizvi
(Assistant Professor)
Email : shabbas@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Digital Image Processing, Big data,Machine Learning, Deep learning
Subject Taught : Computer Graphics & Animation, Java Programming,Cyber Law and Information Security

Saleha Mariyam
(Assistant Professor)
Email : saleham@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Data Science, Machine Learning, IoT, Text to Speech Processing, NLP
Subject Taught : Hadoop, Pattern Recognition, Compiler Design, Operating System, Data Warehousing, Software Engineering

Sandeep Kr. Sharma
(Assistant Professor)
Email : kssharma@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Information Security, Cloud Security
Subject Taught : ADBMS, Security Architecture, Storage Technologies,Cyber Law ,Linux

Aftab Alam
(Assistant Professor)
Email : aaftabalam@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence , Python Programming
Subject Taught : Artificial Intelligence, Python Programming, Object Oriented Methodology and Programming Language, Cloud Computing, Computer Graphic, Cyber Law and Information Security

Ehteshaam Hussain
(Assistant Professor)
Email : ehteshaam@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Computer network and security
Subject Taught : Ethical hacking,Cloud ComputingADBMS,Computer application in management,Computer application in Pharmacy

Mohammad Aalam Khan
(Assistant Professor)
Email : aalam@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,Python, Full Stack Development
Subject Taught : Full Stack Development, Computer Graphics,Graph Theory,Discrete MathematicsDigital Image ProcessingCyber Law and information Security

Nida Khan
(Assistant Professor)
Email : nidak@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing
Subject Taught : Cloud Computing, Software engineering, Advanced decision support system, Software Testing & quality management.

Anum Kamal
(Assistant Professor)
Email : anumkamal@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Machine Learning,Deep Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing
Subject Taught : Machine Learning Techniques, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, JAVA Programming, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Soft Skills

Falak Alam
(Assistant Professor)
Email : falakalam@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Discrete Structure, Cyber Law, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering
Subject Taught : Discrete Structure, Cyber Law and Information Security

Anas Habib Zuberi
(Assistant Professor)
Email : anaszuberi@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Advanced Cloud Computing & Data Science, Computer Networks,Software Testing and Quality Management
Subject Taught : Cryptography and Network Security,Cyber Law and Information Security,Operating System

Ambreen Anees
(Assistant Professor)
Email : aanees@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Data Science
Subject Taught : Mobile Computing, Cyber Law and Information Security, Computer Programming, Fundamental of Software Engineering

Ummey Habiba
(Assistant Professor)
Email : ummey@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Compiler Design,Machine Learning,Advance computing,Big data,software Engineering,python
Subject Taught : Logical reasoning and thinking,Computer in management,Introduction to computer

Mariyam Kidwai
(Assistant Professor)
Email : mariyam@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Discrete Structures, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing
Subject Taught : Machine Learning, Emerging Technology in Engineering, Discrete Structures, Theory of Automata and Formal Languages, Installation and Configuration of Server

Noorishta Hashmi
(Assistant Professor)
Email : nhashmi@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Cloud computing , python & java programming, Machine learning, Computer network
Subject Taught : Computer graphics, cloud technology , computer aided management

Maruti Maurya
(Assistant Professor)
Email : marutim@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Discrete Mathematics, Digital Electronics,Software Engineering, Machine Learning
Subject Taught : Data Structure using C,Discrete Mathematics, Digital Electronics,Software Engineering, Python,Computer graphics,Theory of Automata

Pervez Rauf
(Assistant Professor)
Email : prauf@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Cloud Computing, Computer Network
Subject Taught : Data Compression, Cryptography and Network Security,Mobile Computing, Computer graphics

Danish Ahmad
(Assistant Professor)
Email : adanish@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : DBMS,COA,Soft Computing
Subject Taught : DBMS,Soft Computing,COA,OS,C Programming,DAA,Data Compression.

Ajaz Husain Warsi
(Assistant Professor)
Email : ahwarsi@iul.ac.in

Shra Fatima
(Assistant Professor)
Email : saraf@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Compiler Design, Graph theory, Artificial intelligence.
Subject Taught : Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Cyber law and Information Security, C programming

Faizan Ahmad
(Assistant Professor)
Email : fahmad@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Data Structure Using C, Computer Graphics & Theory of Automata
Subject Taught : Data Structure Using C&Theory of Automata

Naziya Anjum
(Assistant Professor)
Email : naziyaanajum@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Python and Java Programming, Data Structure, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, DBMS
Subject Taught : Theory of Automata and Formal Languages, Advanced Cloud Computing