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The Integral Centre of Excellence for Interdisciplinary Research (ICEIR) is the brainchild of our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Professor Javed Musarrat. His unwavering commitment to research excellence has been a driving force to elevate Integral University into a renowned Research-Intensive institution. His proposal for the establishment of ICEIR at Integral University received unanimous approval during the 40th Meeting of the Executive Council, held on 22 July 2023. The development of this state-of-the-art facility is a testament to his resolute efforts, and it stands as a pivotal cornerstone within his overarching vision for advancing research initiatives at Integral University. This dedicated facility encompasses approximately 15,000 square feet, exclusively reserved for ICEIR. It has been meticulously designed by Eng. Mohd. Sufiyan Abbasi, to foster and support high-caliber interdisciplinary research in cutting-edge domains of science and technology. Deepest appreciation and recognition for the exceptional dedication and unwavering commitment of Prof. Syed Misbahul Hasan, Director of ICEIR, Prof. Abdur Rahman Khan, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Prof. Snober Mir, Dy. Director ICEIR, Integral University, and their esteemed team of faculty members. The pivotal role of Mr. Ahmad Raza, Treasurer, and the Finance & Accounts Department in expeditiously clearing the proposal and allocating the essential funds for the project is sincerely acknowledged in the success of this endeavor. Lastly, but by no means the least, heartfelt gratitude for the generous and unwavering support of the Hon’ble Chancellor, Syed Waseem Akhtar, and the Hon’ble Pro-Chancellor, Syed Nadeem Akhtar, at every stage of the facility's development has been a driving force behind its realization and success.

ICEIR serves as a pivotal hub for the promotion of interdisciplinary research, encompassing the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), as well as Medical, Health, and Allied Sciences. The scientific laboratories at the erstwhile Integral Centre of Information and Research (ICIR), now subsumed with ICEIR, have excelled in securing financial support from several prominent national funding agencies, including DSTSERB, DRDO, CSIR, DBT, and the Ministry of Ayush. The total amount of funding acquired thus far exceeds 300 lakhs, a testament to the center's strong research potential and capabilities and has successfully organized and conducted over 50 workshops, up until the year 2023. These workshops have been instrumental in disseminating knowledge, fostering collaboration, and driving forward the frontiers of research in a wide range of interdisciplinary fields.

The ICEIR aims to achieve the following objectives:
Foster Interdisciplinary Research

The center serves as a collaborative hub for researchers across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines, facilitating innovative interdisciplinary research in the realms of STEM, Medical, and Allied Sciences.

Promote High-Impact Publications

The ICEIR is committed to disseminating groundbreaking research findings by actively encouraging publication in esteemed Q1 and Q2 journals. We aim for a minimum of five impactful publications per scientist and academic department faculty/researcher annually.

Secure External Grants

The center vigorously pursues extramural funding opportunities to bolster research initiatives, acquire cutting-edge equipment, maintain the Center Instrumentation Facility (CIF), and spearhead the development of pioneering technologies.

Cultivate Collaborations

ICEIR actively nurtures partnerships with industry leaders, national research institutes, and international institutions. These collaborations harness resources, expertise, and expansive networking opportunities to advance our research endeavors.

Host Scientific Gatherings

The center regularly organizes conferences, seminars, and symposia to disseminate research outcomes, foster knowledge exchange, and catalyze interdisciplinary dialogues.

The ICEIR comprises the following integral components:
Cutting-Edge Research Facilities

The center houses state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with advanced instrumentation and technologies, providing the essential support required for interdisciplinary research spanning STEM and Medical, Health & Allied Sciences.

Research Clusters

ICEIR establishes thematic research clusters, unifying experts from diverse disciplines to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and catalyze interdisciplinary synergy.

Interdisciplinary Workshops and Seminars

Regular workshops and seminars organized by the ICEIR promote interdisciplinary thinking, offering researchers a platform to share their work. These events serve as catalysts for collaboration and innovation.

To facilitate ICEIR's mission, the following infrastructure and resources are at your disposal:
Research Facilities

Our well-equipped laboratories, computational resources, and access to specialized equipment and technology support your interdisciplinary research endeavors.

Administrative Support

Dedicated administrative staff oversee daily operations, manage grant applications, handle financial matters, and coordinate events.

Library and Information Resources

Access an extensive collection of scientific literature, online databases, and subscriptions to relevant journals, enhancing your research activities.

Funding Support

While ICEIR requires initial funding for infrastructure setup, equipment procurement, and operational expenses, we are equally committed to seeking sustainable funding through grants and strategic collaborations to ensure the longevity of our mission

The success of the proposed ICEIR is evaluated based on the following outcome measures:
High-Quality Publications

Achievement of the target of at least five publications per scientist per year in reputed Q1 and Q2 journals.

Extramural Grants

Acquisition of extramural funding for research projects and infrastructure development.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Development of collaborations with industry partners, national and international institutions, leading to joint projects, knowledge exchange, and technology transfer

Conferences and Events

Successful organization of conferences, seminars, symposia, and workshops, attracting renowned researchers and fostering interdisciplinary dialogue.

Research Impact

Measurable impact of research outcomes in terms of patents, citations, industry adoption, and contributions to scientific advancements

The ICEIR is expected to yield the following outcomes:
Enhanced research productivity

The ICEIR promotes interdisciplinary research, leading to a higher number of publications in reputable journals and conferences.

Increased external funding

By actively pursuing extramural grants, the ICEIR secure additional resources to support research activities and foster innovation.

Industry collaborations and technology transfer

Partnerships with industry facilitates the translation of research outcomes into practical applications, benefiting society and the economy.

National and international recognition/rankings

The ICEIR's interdisciplinary research endeavours elevate the university's profile, rankings and attract talented researchers, and foster collaborations with renowned institutions worldwide

The establishment of an Integral Centre of Excellence for Interdisciplinary Research (ICEIR) will significantly contribute to the advancement of interdisciplinary research in the STEM field. By promoting collaboration, generating high-quality publications, securing extramural grants, and fostering partnerships, the ICEIR will serve as a catalyst for innovative research and knowledge dissemination. The proposed staffing structure, objectives, and outcome measures outlined in this proposal provide a solid foundation for the successful establishment and operation of the ICEIR. By incorporating existing laboratories and introducing new state-of-the-art facilities, including the central instrumentation facility, the ICEIR will establish a strong foundation for conducting world-class research. These infrastructure expansions will enable scientists and researchers to pursue cutting-edge investigations in chemistry, material sciences, biosciences, bioengineering, pharmacy, and stem cell research. The interdisciplinary nature of the ICEIR, coupled with its focus on addressing thrust areas of local, national, and international importance, will ensure the center's research activities are impactful and contribute to advancements in various scientific fields.