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The Central Instrument Facility (CIF) has undergone a profound transformation, thanks to the tireless dedication of Professor Javed Musarrat, the esteemed Vice-Chancellor of Integral University. This redevelopment occurred in May 2023 and stands as a pivotal component of his far-reaching research initiatives at Integral University. The primary objective behind the establishment of this cutting-edge facility is to cater to the needs of the scientific community within Integral University and external researchers, both from academia and industry. It provides an array of state-of-the-art equipment and resources for analytical, microscopy, and molecular biology experiments. Notable offerings within this facility include Flow Cytometry, Spectrometry, and Chromatographic techniques, enabling researchers to conduct imaging, cell analysis, separation, identification, and quantification of various biomolecules such as proteins, organic compounds, food and drug components, metals, and pesticide residues, among others.

The Central Instrument Facility (CIF) operates as a dynamic Analytical Research and Development Division, fully equipped to provide an array of invaluable services, including:
Comprehensive Qualitative and Quantitative Profiling

Our technical staff excels in the thorough profiling of diverse biomolecular species, environmental samples, and inorganic and organic substances. High-throughput analyses are conducted utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as UV-visible and Fluorescence Spectrometry, Chromatographic techniques, Imaging, Flow-cytometry, Quantitative Real-time PCR, ChemiDoc analysis, and more.

Sample Processing and Quantitation

We offer efficient sample processing, quantitation analysis, as well as data analysis and interpretation, empowering researchers with accurate insights into their work.

Skill Enhancement:

CIF is committed to skill enhancement by providing training to students and researchers. Workshops and hands-on training sessions, conducted at regular intervals, cover various techniques, including imaging, cell analysis, separation, identification, classification, and quantification. Collaboration with industry partners ensures the relevance and applicability of acquired skills.

Method Development and Validation

We specialize in the development and validation of analytical methods. These methods cater to a wide range of in-house and commercial sample analyses, optimizing the utilization of CIF resources and opening new avenues in research and development. Our commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering collaboration extends to researchers, students, and industry partners, making CIF a cornerstone in the pursuit of excellence in research and innovation.

Major Instruments available at CIF
The Central Instrument Facility (CIF) houses a comprehensive array of cutting-edge equipment and resources, including:
FACS Lyric Flow Cytometer

A sophisticated tool for cell analysis and sorting.

Gel Documentation System

Vital for capturing and analyzing gel images in molecular biology.

Bright 1500 ChemiDoc Imaging System

Enabling precise documentation of chemiluminescent and fluorescent samples.

ABI 7500 FAST Real-Time PCR System

A high-performance system for quantitative gene expression analysis.

Leica STELLARIS 5 Confocal Microscope

Offering exceptional imaging capabilities with advanced microscopy.

Bruker Alpha II Spectrofluorometer

Ideal for spectral analysis and fluorescence studies.

Systronics AU2702 Double-Beam Touchscreen UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Facilitating accurate UV-VIS spectrophotometry.

Agilent Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrometer

Specialized for precise fluorescence measurements.

X-ray Diffractometer

Essential for the structural analysis of materials.

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

A powerful technique for separating and quantifying compounds in mixtures.

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

Combining GC's separation power with MS's identification capabilities.

Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)

Ideal for identifying and quantifying compounds in complex mixtures.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

Valuable for trace element analysis.

Millipore Ultra-Pure (DNAse/RNase)/Pyrogen-Free Water System

Ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality water for experiments.

Bioinformatics Software and Tools

Empowering researchers with data analysis and computational resources.

CIF's extensive capabilities span across various interdisciplinary research and analytical domains, facilitated through