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Exercisetherapy Lab

Exercise Therapy lab is equipped with state of art facilities of gait re-education unit, strength training unit, balance and posture rehab unit, movement therapy unit etc., Different exercise techniques are demonstrated in the lab and the students are encouraged to practice these different techniques on each other or on simulated models and gain confidence in performing theses skills before implementing the same on the patients.

Electrotherapy Lab

Electrotherapy lab is well equipped with equipments of LASER, Ultrasonic therapy, Interferential Therapy, Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulator etc., Practicing in the labs gives excellent opportunity for the students to sharpen their clinical acumen by ‘hands on’ exposure under guidance of experienced faculty.


To enrich the students with the fair knowledge of Electrotherapy. The student will learn the principles, techniques and effects of electrotherapy as a therapeutic modality in the restoration of physical function.

To understand the basic concepts of Electrical modalities and its application to various conditions. The students will be able to list the indications and contraindications of various types of electrotherapy, modalities and demonstrate the different techniques and describe their effect.

  1. To study the basic operation of electric supply to the equipment & safety devices.
  2. To experience sensory and motor stimulation of nerves and muscles by various types of low frequency current.
  3. To locate and stimulate different motor points region wise, including the upper & lower limbs and face.
  4. Therapeutic application of different low frequency currents faradic foot bath, faradism under pressure, faradism under tension, iontophoresis.
  5. To study the reactions of degeneration of nerves, to plot strength duration curves.
  6. To find Chronaxie and Rheobase.
  7. To study a TENS Stimulator, its operation and application -region wise.
  8. To study a Interferential therapy unit its operation and different methods of application region wise.
  9. To study the various types of Infrared lamps and their application to body region wise.
  10. To study the different types of Ultra violet units, their operation, and assessment of test dose and application of UVR - region wise.
  11. To study LASER unit its operation and different methods of application region wise.
  12. To study a hydro collator unit, its operating and therapeutic application of Hot packs region wise.
  13. To study a paraffin wax bath unit, its operation and different methods of application - region wise.
  14. To study various forms of therapeutic cold application region wise include ice cold pack Vapor coolant sprays, etc.
  15. To study a short wave diathermy unit, its operation and different methods of application-region wise.
  16. To study a microwave diathermy unit its operation and different methods of application region Wise.
  17. To study an ultrasound unit its operational and different methods of application-region wise.

Department of Physiotherapy has a sophisticated and well equipped Seminar hall with a seating capacity of about 200 students.