Departmental Laboratories

  1. Central Instrument Facility

    The laboratory is equipped with following experimental set-ups:

    • Deep Freezer (-20oC)
    • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
    • Ultra Violet Spectrophotometer
    • Digital Photocolorimeter
    • Digital Ph Meter
    • Digital Fluorimeterv
    • Electrical Analytical Balance (0.1 mg)
    • Nephlo Turbidity Meter
    • Digital Potentiometer
    • Digital Conductivity Meter
    • Karl Fischer Autotritimeter
    • Double Distillation Unit
    • Brookfield Viscometer
    • Melting Point Apparatus
    • Bath Sonicator
    • Tap Density Apparatus
    • Microwave Oven
    • U.V. Fluorescence Analysis Cabinet
    • Refrigerated Centrifuge
    • Vortex Mixer(Touch Type)
    • Water Deionizer
    • Mini Centrifuge
    • Digital Balance (200 mg)
    • Digital Balance (10 mg)
  2. Machine Room

    The machine room is equipped with following experimental set-ups:

    • Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine
    • Ampoule Washing Machine
    • Ampoule Clarity Test Apparatus
    • Tablet Making Machine
    • Tablet Coating And Polishing Pan
    • Ball Mill
    • Disintegration Test Apparatus
    • Triplen Roller Mill
    • Bottle Sealing Machine
    • Pulveriser
    • Mechanical Sieve Shaker
    • Collapsible Tube Sealing Machine
    • Tincture Press
    • Capsule Filling Machine
    • Friability Test Apparatus
    • Dissolution Test Apparatus
    • Collapsible Filling Machine
    • Hand Grinding Mill
    • Tray Drier
    • Grinding Mill/Mixer
    • Double Cone Blender
    • Bottle Washing Machine
    • Hot Air Oven
    • Vacuum Pump
    • All Purpose equipment
    • Disintegrator
  3. Animal House

    Animal House facility is Approved by CPCSEA and Work under supervision of IAEC, Integral University, Lucknow

  4. Computer Laboratory

    Air-conditioned Computer Lab with internet connection and printer facility.

  5. Research Laboratories
    • AYUSH Project Lab
    • UPCST Project Lab
  6. UG & PG Pharmaceutics Laboratories -04 Nos

    The laboratory is equipped with following experimental set-ups:

    • 6 Station Multichannel Dissolution Apparatus
    • Digital Balance
    • Micro Pipette (1-100MICRO Meter)
    • Hot Air Oven
    • BOD Incubator
    • Auto Clave
    • Ph-Meter (DIGITAL)
    • Refrigerator
    • Biological Incubator
    • Monsanto Hardness Tester
    • Pfizer-Hardness Tester
    • Magnetic Stirrer
    • Distillation Assembly (STEAL)
    • Glucometer
    • Hand Drier
    • Stage Micrometer
    • Mechanical Stirrer With Speed Regulator
    • Tap Density Apparatus
    • Propellor Type Mechanical Stirrer
    • Conductivity Meter
    • Simple Manometer
    • Percolator (STEAL)
    • Aseptic Cabinet
    • Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate
    • Pressure Cooker
    • Standard Sieves. Sieves No.120,100,80,60,44,22,16
    • Suppository Moulds
    • Tablet Counter
    • Vial Sealing Machine
    • Stalagmometer
    • Milipore Filteration Assembly
    • Humidity Control Oven
    • Blender (Mechanical Stirrer)
    • Centrifuge Machine
    • Deccicator
    • Hot Plate
  7. UG Pharmacognosy Laboratory – 01 Nos

    The Laboratory is equipped with following experimental set-ups:

    • Antibiotic Zone Reader
    • Autoclave
    • Compound Microscope
    • Camera Lucida(Prism Type)
    • Camera Lucida(Mirror Type)
    • Colony Counter
    • Microcentrifuge
    • Clevenger Apparatus
    • Dissecting Microscope
    • Dessicator(Plastic)
    • Eye Piece Micrometer
    • Heating Mantle (6 Channelled)
    • Laminar Air Flow
    • Projection Microscope
    • Soxhlet Apparatus
    • Ph Meter
    • Uv Cabinet
    • Stage Micrometer
    • Bod Incubator
    • Muffle Furnace
    • Microtome
    • Mixer Grinder
    • Moisture Balance
  8. UG & PG Pharmacology Laboratories -03 Nos

    The Laboratory is equipped with following experimental set-ups:

    • Student Organ Bath
    • Kymograph Drum
    • Dissecting Tray
    • Dissecting Box
    • Frontal Writing Lever
    • Dissecting Table
    • Double Unit Organ Bath
    • Eletroconvulsiometer
    • Eddys Hot Plate
    • Digital Tele Thermometer
    • Respirometer
    • Cooks Pole Climbing Apparatus
    • Actophotometer
    • Rota Rod
    • S.R Drum
    • Histamine Chamber
    • Student Physiograph
    • Electric Oven
    • Inner Organ Bath
    • Digital Balance
    • Digital Grip Strength Meter
    • Electric Balance
    • Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
    • Homogeniser
    • Heating Mental
    • Incubator
    • Student Stimulator
    • Rotatory Vacuum
    • Aerator
    • Tissue Balder
    • Dissecting Table
    • Sphygmomanometer
    • ECG Machine
    • Stethoscope
    • Microscope
  9. UG & PG Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratories- 04 Nos

    The Laboratory is equipped with following experimental set-ups:

    • Digital Conductivity Meter
    • Desiccator
    • Distillation Assembly (Steel)
    • Digital Balance
    • Megnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate
    • Melting Point Apparatus
    • Atomic Model Set
    • Hair Dryer
    • Hot Air Oven
    • Mechanical Stirrer
    • Vortex Mixer
    • Vacuum Pump
    • Abbe's Refracto Meter
    • Arsenic Limit Test Apparatus
    • Digital Photo Colorimeter
    • Distillation Assembly (Glass)
    • Digital Ph Meter
    • Kipp's Apparatus
    • Kjeldahl Apparatus
    • Muffle Furnace
    • Polarimeter
    • Refrigerator
    • Thermostatic Water Bath (6 Holes)
    • Thermostatic Water Bath
    • Rotatory Vacuum Evaporator
    • Sphygmomanometer With Stethoscope
  10. UG Microbiology Laboratory -01 Nos

    The Laboratory is equipped with following experimental set-ups

    • BOD Incubator
    • Orbital Shaker Incubator
    • Hot Air Oven
    • Incubator
    • Distillation Assembly
    • UV Cabinet
    • Thermostatic Water Bath
    • Incubator Shaker Water Bath
    • Autoclave
    • Electronic Balance
    • Respirometer
    • Heating Mantle
    • Centrifuge
    • Micro-Centrifuge
    • PH Meter
    • Microscopes
    • Laminar Air Flow
  11. UG & PG Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratories – 01 Nos

    The Laboratory is equipped with following experimental set-ups

    • Oven
    • Digital Balance
    • Digital PH Meter
    • Paper Chromatography Chamber
  12. Pharmacy Practice Laboratory -01 Nos

Faculty of Pharmacy Departmental library have good collection of Materials, Books and National and International Journals, Internet That are accessible for use. Library Provide quiet area for studying 100 student at a time beside this a Reference Section have adequate collection of Specious and costly books. Library have pharmacy’s official Books like IP,BP,USP and NF. There is LAN and Wireless facility as well as English, Hindi, Urdu Language Newspaper are available. National ,International and e-Journals facility also provided. Atmosphere of the library for standing is very favourable . Currently library accomodate1034 Title and 5407 Volumes.05 International and 20 National Journals. Understanding the importance of computerization using well reputed Integral Library system software. PCs are dedicated to the users to avail the OPAC(online public access catalogue). Many E-Journals viz. Scopus database,Delnet (Developing library netwok) Through E Shodh Sindhu-Springer,Jgateplus,Jstore,oxford universityetc. And E- Book(World Book libray directory of open access books)are accessible. Library provide on line books issue & Return facility by software and Biomateric entry for users.

The Pharmacy Department has an air conditioned Seminar Hall which has capacity for 200 students and is equipped with high speed networking equipment, adequate teaching and learning aids like Computers, LCD projectors, sound system etc. to provide our students the best of the learning environment & methodology.

The seminar hall is utilized for presentation made by students for their projects, seminar, reports etc as well as for expert lectures, training programmes, workshops etc.

The Pharmacy Department having Herbal Garden with more than 50 medicinal value plants of different categories. The students are motivated to take benefit of this garden to identify the species and to understand the morphological characterization of medicinal plants.

Medicinal herbs are a valuable asset to every garden. Not only do they provide you with unique and bold flavours and aromas, they also act as personal pharmacies, helping with ailments ranging from inflammation to infections. Medicinal plants are also beautiful and hardy additions to the garden, offering unique colours and fragrances with little need for pampering.

List of Medicinal plants available in the Herbal Garden of Faculty of Pharmacy

S.NO Plants Name Uses
Aegle marmelos,F. Rutaceae
Fruits are carminative, aromatic, astringent, cooling, febrifuse, nutritive,laxative, anti- dysenteric and anti-diarrhoeal.
Cassia fistula, F.Caesulpinaceae
Fruits are cooling, purgative, carminative, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and ophthalmic.
Emblica officinalis, F.Euphorbiaceae
Fruits are carminative, diuretic, laxative,aphrodasiac, astringent and refrigerant.
Lawsoniainermis, F.Lythraceae
Leaves are bitter, astringent, refrigerant, diuretic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, constipating, febrifuge andliver tonic.
Terminalia arjuna, F.Combretaceae
Bark is astringent, sweet, cooling,urinary astringent, aphrodisiac, cardiotonic, expectorant, and hepatoprotective.
Nyctanthesarbortristis, F. Oleaceae
Leaves are antibacterial, expectorant, bitter tonic, febrifugeand purgative. A dye extracted from the corolla used in dying.
Syzygiumcumini, F. Myrtaceae
The fruit and seeds are sweet, acrid, sour, tonic, cooling, anti-diabetics, anti-diarrhoeal and anti-fungal.
Terminalia belerica, F.Combretaceae
Fruits are astringent, tonic, laxative and expectorant and used in cough, sore throat anddysentry and diarrhoea.
Tamarindus indica, F.Caesalpiniacae
Fruits are used as remedy for intestinal diseases, diarrhea and haemorrhoids. Powdered seeds are used in dysentery.
Carissa carandas, F. Apocynaceae
Treatment of leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea, diarrhea, hemorrhages, general weakness, gingivitis, tooth ache and as cardiotonic.
Thevetia peruviana, F. Apocynaceae
Cardiac stimulant but in its natural form is extremely poisonous. Seed oil is used to make paint with antifungal, antibacterial and insecticidal properties.
Murrayakoenigii, F. Rutaceae
Flavoring agent, used in cough, asthma,
Bauhinia variegate, F. Caesalpinioideae
Bark and flowers are used as antinociceptive, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anthelmintic,astringent, cough, diarrhea, skin diseases, diabetes, worms, hemorrhoids &cervical lymphadinopathy.
14 Spanish cherry (Bakul)
Mimusopselengi, F. Sapotaceae
Bark, flower, fruit and seeds are used as cooling, anthelmintics, febrifuge and astringent,treatment of bleeding gum pyorrhea and loose teeth.
15 Fire bush
Hamelia patens, F. Rubiaceae
Treatment of skin problems including, sores, rashes, wounds, burns, itching, cuts, skin fungus, and insect stings, menstrual cramps, fever, bloody diarrhea and intestinal parasites.
16 Ashoka
Saracaka indica, F. Caesalpiniaceae
Treatment of menstrual disorders associated with excessive bleeding, congestion and uterine spasms.


1 Bajradanti
Wedillachinensis,F. Compositae
Leaves, flowers and stems are used in liver disorder, antibacterial, leprosy, skin hair care and tooth ache.
2 Bhringraj
Eclipta alba, F. Compositae
Arial parts are used as brain tonic, liver disorder, antibacterial, leprosy, skin and hair disorder.
3 Datura
Solanum stramonium, F. Solanaceae
Arial parts are used as antibacterial,in peptic ulcer, cough and sore throats infection, wound healing and sedative.
4 Brahmi
Centella asiatica, F. Umbellifereae
Arial parts are used as brain tonic, sedative epilepsy, sore throats and antibacterial.
5 Apamarg
Achyranthes aspera, F. Amaranthaceae
Arial parts are used as hepatoprotective, diuretic, treatment of liver and spleen enlargement,tooth bleeding, renal dropsy.
6 Rasna(Khulinjan)
Alpina officinarum, F.Zingiberaceae
Rhizomes are aromatic, stimulant, carminative, anti-bacterial, anti-tussive and tranquilizer.
7 Cannabis
Cannabis sativa, F.Moraceae
Narcotic, sedative, analgesic, euphoric and aphrodisiac.
8 Garlic
Allium sativum, F. Liliaceae
Rhizomes are carminative, digestant, flavouring agent, insect repellent, cough and sore throats, hepatoprotective, anti-lipidimic and aphrodisiac.
9 Ajowan
Trichyspermumammi, F. Umbellifereae
Fruits are used as carminative, digestant, flavouring agent, insect repellent cough, sore throats, bronchitis, its oil is antiseptic, antifungal, insecticide and anthelmintic.
10 Dill
Anethum graveolens, F. Umbellifereae
Fruits are carminative, anti-tussive, digestant, flavouring agent, insect repellent, hepatoprotective, anti- oxidant and ingredient of gripe water.
11 Coriander
Coriandrum sativum, F. Umbellifereae
Fruits are carminative, digestant, flavouring agent, insect repellent, cough, sore throats, hepatoprotective, anti-oxidant and used in condiments.
12 Sadabahar
Catharanthus roseous, F. Apocynaceae
Arial parts are used as anticancer, leukemia, malaria, Hodgkin's disease and anti-diabetic.
13 Sudarshan
Crinum latifolium, F. Amaryllidaceae
In the treatment of prostatitis, uterine fibroids etc. It is used to enhance cell-mediated immunity hypoxia, inflammation and detoxification.
14 Palmrosa
Cymbopogon martini,F.Poaceae
Carminative and insect repellent. Oils used as a fragrance in perfumes, cosmetics, such as soaps and creams.
15 Lemon Grass
Cymbopogon citrates, F.Poaceae
Carminative and insect repellent. Oils used as a fragrance in perfumes, cosmetics, such as soaps and creams.
16 Holy Basil
Ocimum sanctum, F. Labiateae
Basil herb is diaphoretic, anti-septic, immuno-stimulant, expectorant and used in malaria, catarrh, bronchitis and gastric disorders.
17 Pudina
Mentha arvensis,F. Labiateae
It yields an essential oil and menthol which exert, through their rapid evaporation, slightly anaesthetic, antibacterial and mild anti-septic effect.
18 Ashwagandha
Withaniasomnifera, F. Solanaceae
Roots aresedative,tonic, astringent, immunostimulant and aphrodisiac.
19 Punarnava
Boerhaviadiffusa, F.Nyctaginaceae
Bitter, diuretic, cooling, astringent to bowels, useful in biliousness, anaemia, blood impurities, leucorrhoea and asthma.
20 Adhusa
Bronchial antiseptic, bronchodilator and expectorant.
21 Bach
Acorus calamus, F.Araceae
Its rhizomesare nauseant, stomachic, anthelmentic, stimulants, emetic, expectorant, carminative, antispasmodic and tranquilizer.
22 Satavari
Asparagus racemosus,F. Liliaceae
Tuberous roots are bitter, adaptogenic sweet, emollient, cooling, diuretic, tonic and treatment of stiffness in the joints.
23 Kalmegh
Andrographis paniculataF.Acanthaceae
Bitter tonic, anti-viral, anti-parasitic. Used in viral hepatitis, children's bowel complaints, gastric acidity, liver congestion and colds.
24 Kalonji
Nigella sativa, F. Ranunculaceae
Laxative, purgative, its oil is tonic, used in jaundice, ameneorrhoea, abdominal ulcer and piles.
25 Ghritkumari
Aloe vera,F. Liliaceae
Laxative, purgative, drug juice is tonic and is used in jaundice, ameneorrhoea, piles and cutaneous disorders.
26 Capsicum
27 Cardamom
Elettaria cardamomum, F. Zingiberaceae
Used as spice, masticatory, flavouringand in the treatment of throat infections
28 Duddhi