About The Conference

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Integral University is hosting an International Conference on Computational and Characterization Techniques in Engineering and Sciences (IC3TES-22). The conference accepts submissions of significant, unpublished research in the fields of Computational Intelligence (CI) and Characterization Techniques in engineering and science. Computational and Characterization Techniques in Engineering and Sciences is a collection of tools and procedures for addressing complicated real-world issues that are not well addressed by traditional approaches. Along with Electronics, researchers are working to provide significant solutions in the field of Computational and Characterization Sciences. These fields include computer engineering, software engineering, bio-inspired computing, theoretical computer science, data science, autonomic computing, and behaviour informatics. The conference will address cutting-edge advancements, difficulties, and unresolved open problems in the fields of Electronics Engineering and allied disciplines. Additionally, it will give a forum for students, scientists, faculty members, and research professionals to engage, present their work, and receive feedback on their efforts. The purpose of this conference is to lay emphasis on the problem-solving capabilities of computational and characterization tools and approaches. Springer will publish accepted and presented papers.