• Well-equipped psychology lab is available for the students for the purpose of experimental work. All major tests and apparatus are available to make the students learn and practically prove whatever they had learned in their theory classes. The lab has a spacy and airy area so that the subjects during the experiments and tests feel free and indulge themselves in the work of learning by doing. For the purpose of teaching counseling skills, a separate infrastructure has been made for the demo and practice purpose.


  • A vast library is there in the department of humanities for the students to get the extra knowledge. A huge number of books are available as per the syllabus and on general knowledge, current affairs and other fields as well. Number of journals and articles have also been provided for students ease.


  • Along with a number of labs and other part of the infrastructure, the department of humanities wants the students to feel homely in the campus as well, so that it can facilitate their potential. For this purpose one girls’ common room is there, where the girls can sit all together in the free time or if feeling uneasy.