Research And Development

  • Globalization

  • Rural Sociology

  • Urban Culture

  • Bueraucracy and Indian Administration

  • Governance, Welfare Administration and E-governance

  • International Relation and Foreign Policy

  • Clinical and Positive Psychology

  • Human Rights
Sr No Enrollment Names Mode Research Toic Supervisor Year Of Joinning Status Co-Supervisor
1 2201094 Huma Shahid Full Time 2023 Course Work Pursuing
2 2201121 Roshan Jahan Part Time 2023 Course Work Pursuing
3 2201118 Priyamvada Part Time 2023 Course Work Pursuing
4 2201001 Shakeb Full Time 2022 Course Work Pursuing
5 2100205 Asra Bibi Siddiqui Part Time Role of Various Policies in Women Empowerment: A Sociological Analysis of Self-Help Group Dr. Archana Pande 2021 Pursuing
6 2100088 Suroor Fatima Full Time Dr. Vandana Mishra 2021 Pursuing
7 2100123 Shahnawaz Ahmad Khanday Part Time 2021 Course Work Pursuing
8 200117 Farha Nishat Full Time Social Determinants and Impact of Dowry: A Sociological Study of Dehradun City Dr. Vandana Mishra 2020 Pursuing
9 2001120 Bilal Ahmad Part Time Problems faced by Married Working Women :A Sociological Study at Lucknow District Dr. Archana Pande 2020 Pursuing
  • Conference

  • Journal

    Sr No Author Name Title Journal Name Volume No Issue No Page No Year Of Publication Indexing Impact Factor Name Url
    1 Dr. Tahir Hussain Ansari Impact of CO2 Emission, GDP, and Energy Consumption on Health Expenditures in India: ARDL Bounds Tes International Journal of Energy, Environment and Economics 30 4 385-402 2024 Scopus Scopus Q3, ProQuest, EBSCO, and Elsevier. View
    2 Dr. Mohd Yusuf, Dr. Waseem Ahmed, Dr. Anas Jameel & Dr. Mohd Wazid Khan Current Era Potentiality of Integrated- IT based Telemedicine: Global and Indian Prospects with Futu International Journal of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences 13 2 128-150 2023 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care - View
    3 Prof. Zeba Aqil A Study of Spiritual Maturity of Medical Students International Journal of Humanities Law and Social Sciences 10 I (B) 129-135 2023 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care - View
    4 Dr. Rashmi Shukla Social Disparity in Drinking Water Facility: An Empirical Analysis London Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences 23 4 7-15 2023 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care - View
    5 Dr. Tahir Hussain Ansari A Bitter Truth: Uttar Pradesh could Reduce Maternal Mortality Rate? The Empirical Economics Letters 22 Special Issue 2 143-156 2023 Ugc Care List ABDC, ISI View
    6 Dr. Mohd Shahwaiz The Paradox of Gender Equality in the age of Globalization: An Overview of India Asian Profile 50 3 273-286 2022 Ugc Care List - View
    7 Dr. Anshal Tiger Revisiting the Partition of Bengal, 1905: Press Politics and Government Shodh Shree 40 July-September 2021 153-157 2021 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care Indexed in ULRICH, ISIFI, SJIF & DOJI View
  • Book Chapter

    Sr No Name of Authors Choose appropriate option Title of Book ISBN Number Publisher Name Year of Publication
    1 Prof. Zeba Aqil Book Chapter Published What Makes Learning Interesting, Innovative Pedagogies and Learning 978-93-90734-61-0 world lab publication 2023
    2 Dr. Tabinda Anjum Book Chapter Published Bringing History to Life: Innovative Approaches to Teaching the Past 978-93-90734-61-0 World Lab Publication 2023
    3 Dr. Anas Jameel & Prof. Zeba Aqil Book Chapter Published 2. Training for Inclusive Communication: Investing in Human Rights Education 978-93-5857-554-5 Nitya Publications 2023
    4 Prof. Zeba Aqil & Dr. Anas Jameel Book Chapter Published Mitigating Communications Obstacles Presented by Non-Verbal Factors 978-93-5857-554-5 Nitya Publications 2023
    5 Dr. Vandana Mishra Book Chapter Published Analysis of India New Education Policy20202 towards Achieving its objectives in Rural Areas 978-93-90734-24-5 world lab publication 2021