Vice Chancellor's Message

Aqil Ahmad
Prof. Aqil Ahmad

Institute of Integral Technology, which took birth in 1998, has now fully grown into a vibrant and dynamic autonomous ‘Integral University’. The University has successfully established active learning environment which equips its students with indepth knowledge and skills, critical and creative ways of thinking. We strongly believe in providing our students with motivation, encouraging participation and making students feel responsible in their learning process. At Integral University, our teaching philosophy is open and broad in dealing with different views and opinions. Our teachers are fully aware that every student is unique and has his own learning attitude.

Students also have different learning goals, abilities and interests. Hence, in trying to reach and connect with all students, variety of teaching methods and approaches are adopted. Our aim is to increase innovation and generate sense of responsibility, participative cooperation and coherence between values and practices. Our endeavour is to develop human values and professional ethics among our students which turns them into technical and managerial leaders, capable of making differences in what soever field they may be in the rest of their professional life.

The ultimate and real aim of education is to inculcate wisdom and develop vision. In today’s fierce competitive environment, wisdom is all about being one step ahead of others. Being able to take advance decisions before your opponents, allows you to gain a strategic advantage in corporate competition. This is possible only with the help of proper understanding of advancements in latest knowledge. The tremendous speed at which human mind works is supported and assisted by modern technology which requires keen observation with deep sense of appreciation of eternal laws of nature and sincere efforts for introspection and self discovery.

The universality of this Wisdom, which is our ultimate aim, is best described in the following verses of Holy Quran.

Behold! In the creation
of the heavens and the earth;
In the alternation
of the night and the day;
In the sailing of the ships.
Through the Ocean.
In the rain which God
Sends down from the skies,
And the life which He gives therewith
To an earth that is dead;
In the change of the winds,
Indeed are signs
For a people that are wise(164)

We are committed to shape the young minds whose roots are deeply seated in high moral values and who are capable to face all the modern day challenges in a positive, logical and systematic manner. Then only, our future generations will be equipped with the Godly Wisdom and the destiny of our society and beloved nation will be in safe and strong hands.

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