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Dr. Syed Aqeel Ahmad
Prof. Syed Aqeel Ahmad
(Director HRDC)
(Ext. No.) 2214

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”---- Vince Lombardi.

Integral University is one of the premiere and leading private universities in India which has just earned a place in the academic excellence by its constant hardship. The Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) at Integral University, under the patronage of the visionary Chancellor, is a beau geste for the new generations in higher education to keep them au courant. I positively believe that the efforts made by us would surely add to the nation-building and its up-gradation.

The Center mainly aims to train the faculty members, to update and make them aware of the new and emerging challenges in teaching and learning or knowledge sharing process-and also refresh the existing current knowledge of concerned cognoscenti in their respective fields.

I hope, this promising institution to be a leading seat of excellence in the country and the world at large. The future of the modern world belongs to India and the nation is going to witness a great paradigm shift in the field of education, analytical skills, science and technology and the ability to manage beyond the ‘given’. I hope a strong and fruitful collaboration and cooperation from the country’s leading, governing and supporting institutions and organizations to guide and support us in the endeavors that we would be making in future.

Every privilege entails noblesse oblige and to be a Director appears to be the one. Therefore, from my end, no stone will be left unturned to achieve the target, the state of par excellence in the modern-day academia.

I wish the Integral University HRD Center all future glory and prosperity ahead.


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