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Please follow the instructions carefully before filling up the online profile at Integral University`s portal for recruitment: (The instructions are for, and apply to the applicant only. When referring to University it automatically implies Integral University).

Things you need for applying online:

a. Access to a fully functional Computer with (Intel Pentium 4 Processor or Higher, RAM-512MB or higher, Basic input and output peripherals and accessories including but not limited to–Mouse and Key Board, working and attached to the computer) and a fully working and compatible Operating System (Windows XP or higher) Installed on the Computer.

b.Internet Browser (Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 16.0 or higher or Google Chrome 20.0 or higher).

c. Your valid Email Account (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or any other).

d. Your valid mobile connection.

e. Your Formal Digital Passport size Photograph having memory size between 50kB and 500kB and must be in .jpg or .jpeg format only. Scans of photos are not acceptable. The face of the individual should be clearly visible and recognizable in the photograph. Photos with goggles/specks, contact lenses, face fully or partially covered are not acceptable. Photos with head covered are acceptable so long as the full face is clearly visible.

f. Copy of all your valid mark sheets and degrees.

g. Copy of disability certificate, cast certificate etc as applicable.

NOTE: Once your id is created with a given e-mail you cannot use it to create a second profile at the portal.

The profile can be created free of cost and there are no charges for maintaining a profile on the portal. The profile on the portal once created exists even after the entire process of recruitment for a particular job is over and can be used to apply for jobs in future. The candidates shall be able to receive notifications for jobs posted on the portal. The applicant can apply for multiple jobs through the profile once created and can update their profile from time to time as required. The candidates must keep the password and the user name carefully once allotted to them. The university administration has the right to suspend and/or delete any profile deemed inappropriate.

Just filling or applying online does not entitle the applicant call or job offer from the university.

NOTE: The University shall not be responsible for any inconveniences caused by the use/misuse of the portal and shall not be liable to make any compensation with regards to the use/misuse of the portal. All disputes arising with regards to the portal shall be settled in Lucknow jurisdiction only.

The Process:

Go to the following link, here you shall be presented with the current instructions page. Read it very carefully before applying. After you finish with this you must scroll down the instructions page and click on the proceed button to continue to the Login page.

For New Users:

Once on the login page please fill your Name, Mobile Number and E-mail id under the “New Applicant... ” tab. Please fill it very carefully. Once filled click on the Register Button to register. Please note your profile will not be created if you have registered with the same credentials earlier. Once registered an email shall be sent to you account with the username and password, please record both the username and password to be used for logging in.

Once you have received username and password, go to the Login Page and enter the login id and password you shall be prompted to first time profile filling setup. Here you must enter the details required and follow the flow through the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Once you have filled the profile for the first time logout and continue as below.

For Registered Users:

Once you have registered with us you can login with your username and password through the login page. You shall be able to:

1. View and apply for the new jobs.

2. Edit your profile information as and when required.

3. Take prints of your current profile information.

For Applying to a New Job:

The registered users can apply to jobs by clicking on the Apply now link provided beside each job posted. On doing so a popup will appear prompting you to confirm your application.

If the date of interview has been mentioned in the advertisement of the concerned job then there shall be no separate intimation or call for interview and all those who have applied will be allowed to appear for interview.

General Terms and Agreement:

University shall not be held responsible for any delays caused or inconveniences faced on account of the use/misuse of this portal for recruitment or any other activity and shall not be liable for making any due payments or compensation to any party in regards to the portal or the recruitment process.

The applicant shall face legal action as per statutory provisions in case of fraud, impersonation or any other act that causes any loss to the University or its stake holders.

The University, at any point in time, reserves the right to alter the recruitment process and/or the terms and conditions without any due intimation/consent to/from the applicant or any other stake holders.

The applicant agrees to these terms and conditions and others that may be applied from time to time as deemed appropriate by the university.

All disputes arising with regards to the portal and the recruitment process of the Integral University shall be settled in Lucknow jurisdiction only.

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