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Cyber Funkar-Website Design Competition

CCG&D Integral University Lucknow

1 st Prize: Worth Rs5000/- + Certificate
2 nd Prize Worth Rs 2000/- + Certificate
3 rd Prize Worth Rs 1000/- + Certificate
Eligibility: This competition is open to all Integral University students. It can be an individual work or a maximum of three members in a team.
Competition Requirement: The requirement of the competition is to produce a PPT Presentation of approx 6-8 slideson website based on the competition Theme - Integral University. Each team can do all the work of creating the web pages using ANY available web development tools.
Only one (1) submission per Individual / team will be accepted . If multiple submissions from the same team are received, only the last submission will be judged.
Submission Deadline :15 th february 2020
Submission of Work: Each team must submit their work by Email to cyberfunkar@ with the followingitems.
  • Participant’s/ teams’ details along with mobile number in a text document
  • A folder that contain the team work in PPT form.
  • Any special instruction to execute the work (optional)

Contest will be judged on the following criteria:

Section 1: Aesthetics & Design
  • Visual appeal and style - Home pagelayout,
  • Consistent look and feel
  • Readability
  • Creative Design, Color, Theme
  • Effective navigation and working links
  • Effective use of multimedia content
  • Suggestions for Photographs
Section 2: Usability and Accessibility
  • Written in user’s language
  • Minimize required user actions
  • Navigation feedback mechanism
  • Effective user guidance
The emphasis of the competition is to give authentic and genuine suggestions . Therefore, you are advised to submit original work/ design only.
For further details contact: Mr. Amir Khan (CCG&D) Phone no: 9795770027
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