End Semester Exams

04 Dec, 2018 |Facebook |Twitter |Email |

It’s been an eventful first semester so far, but as we start going into the month of December we find ourselves coming to an end of this semester and the beginning of End Semester Exams. Many are just happy to be done and are getting ready to welcome a new session and enjoy winter break!

Attending classes regularly, keeping up with readings, and taking notes conscientiously, a norm at Integral makes this phase of studying and examining, easy and fun for the dedicated scholars. The Integral End Sem is scheduled between Dec 1 to Dec 15, for the semester system courses.

“Make sure you understand what will be expected of you during your exam. Check your University student email account and your online learning space, mobile apps regularly for important announcements leading up to the end of semester exam. Talk to your lecturers or tutors, read your course notes, and give in your best” remarks Prof, Abdul Rehman, Controller of Examination.

Prof Syed Aqeel Ahmad, Deputy Controller of Examination advises Integralites to be well-prepared and confident to take the exam. “Studying is important, however, sleeping hours are often the time when students synthesize information. Getting plenty of sleep allows you to be as fresh as possible and able to fully engage working memory when you take the exam” he recommends.

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