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Welcome to Integral Institute of Nursing Sciences & Research

The Integral school of Nursing established in year 2015 and upgraded recently in Integral Institute of Nursing Sciences & Research in the year 2017, offers Graduate programs in Nursing to meet the diverse needs of health care sector.All programs are recognized by both Indian Nursing Council & U.P.Nurses & Midwives Council.The college has a Network of healthcare centers & clinical affiliations with community based organizations.The college has been equipped with skill lab with simulators to provide hands critical nursing skills.The college has excellent efficient & highly motivated faculty who plan meticulously all curricular activities for students.Our aim is to meet the increasing demand of health care professionals & to handle the workload in rapidly growing population our nursing students has been specially trained with tertiary care to achieve the objective of producing the best health care professionals to best of their knowledge & skills.


The Faculty of Nursing is a premier centre for Nursing education, recognized for advancing the discipline through its thriving research and scholarship activities. Our graduates will be skillful, caring, knowledgeable nurses who have a clear vision of the Nursing discipline.


The Faculty of Nursing provides leadership in teaching and learning in Nursing, Nursing research and Public engagement with the goal of promoting health and well-being of impact knowledge an develop critical skill by promoting learning supported by skilled faculty, infrastructure, technology, collaborating teaching & research with premier institutions in India & Abroad.


Never in the history of the nursing profession has there been such an opportunity for nurses to play a key role in transforming health care and improving health. Registered nurses alone constitute approximately 23 percent of the entire health care workforce—the largest portion among all health care workers. These nurses provide care to individuals, families, and communities in virtually all locations in which health care is delivered including hospitals, long- term care facilities, ambulatory care settings, homes, schools, and workplaces. As nurses, advanced practice nurses, nurse leaders, and nurse researchers, they are constantly challenged to find innovative and effective ways to provide seamless, affordable, and safe quality care that will produce improved health outcomes. this profession carries the enormous responsibility of leading reform in health and health care systems, improving health outcomes of patients and their families, and generating and translating knowledge that improves nursing education, nursing leadership, and nursing practice. The Integral institute of Nursing Sciences & Research is committed to meeting these challenges and addressing the critical health needs of our population by preparing nurses who have a broad understanding of the profession, public policy, leadership, and health care systems.

we are experiencing in the global health care system is profound. We are witnessing the compassion, strength and courage nurses share daily in their work with the most vulnerable. It is clear, that Integral Faculty of Nursing has had the vision, leadership and commitment to build responsive nursing education, advanced practice and research programs that India and the world needs more than ever in communities of practice.

Our vision for the future will build on a long and proud history of educating nurses for professional practice, beginning with our earliest roots in public health. Explore our website and learn about our faculty and staff, our graduates, and our plans for the future. Envision yourself here in student centered surroundings on your journey to becoming a nurse or pursuing graduate studies in your lifelong pursuit of knowledge as a health care professional.

Whether in emergencies, ICUs, long term care, acute care, covid units, home care, public health, family clinics, supporting families during loss, contributing to emerging pandemic processes or research, Nursing Alumni inspire others to believe in their inner strength while making a difference in the lives of others during health, illness and crises.

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