Faculty of Education: Empowering Future Educators at Integral University Lucknow

Faculty of Education

      Prof. Tahseen Usmani
         Dean (Acting)
(Ext. No.) 7010


  • “To draw excellent minds and committed individuals to the teaching profession and to attract creative talent which meets high quality standards and has potential to meet future challenges in education.”
  • “To equip prospective teachers with contemporary set of skills to make classroom learning as effective as possible and to nurture our students understand the nature and need of child.”
  • “To inculcate a spirit of exploration and investigation in the diversified areas of education to search new vistas of knowledge for the scientific, social, cultural, economic and political development of our nation.”


  • "To prepare a teacher who can teach to high standards and to make learning alive for students".
  • "To encourage outstanding individuals to enter teaching profession and enhance desirability and practicality of teaching".
  • "To produce dynamic teachers who can train young minds to meet the challenges of the modern world".
  • "To train prospective teachers to accommodate continuing challenges to achieve goals of contemporary world".
  • "To conduct quality research and projects on various educational problems and collect educational statistics for developing information".


Education unlocks the treasure of development, happiness and success in life. India has set a goal of total literacy which boosts the establishment of colleges of education that prepares the students for B.Ed. and M.Ed. courses. The Department of Education offers the courses with an intake of 100 (Two units) in B.Ed. and 50 seats (one unit) in M.Ed. in which 50% are reserved for General and 50% reserved for Minority category.

The Faculty also offers the Ph.D. programmes namely in Minorities Education, Psychological Research, Correlates of Achievement, Secondary Education, Elementary Education, Vocational and Technical Education, Language Learning, Girls Education, Educational Technology, Teacher Education, Philosophical Research, Peace Education, Value Education, Mathematics Education, Computer Education in till date.

Presently 32 students are perusing the Ph.D. programme. More than 110 research papers in national and International Journals have so for being published. Achievers are approximately 940 in B.Ed., 175 in M.Ed. Many got appointed in govt. schools/Colleges and Universities and others in private. We have a young, dynamic and highly qualified faculty. The department has excellent infrastructure and serene atmosphere that grooms the prospective teachers to evolve their best and shape their future.


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