Excellence in Health and Medical Faculty: Integral University Lucknow


Vision & Mission
Prof. Abha Chandra,
MBBS, M.S.(General Surgery), M.ch (CVTS), DNB (CVTS),
Dean (IIMSR)


The Vision of Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences is to be known as an internationally recognized institution committed to professional excellence in medical education and healthcare delivery. The institution envisages to be a leading contributor in the continuous improvement of the state and nation’s health care delivery system through the pursuit of excellence in health professional’s education, quality research and health care delivery & services.

  • The institution aspires to attract the best of students by offering a variety of teaching and training programs in health sector matching international standards supported by an excellent academic environment.
  • The institution aspires to produce competent health professionals who will provide excellent quality health care and make a significant contribution to the health of the community through the pursuit of training, practice and research in health care delivery.
  • The institution envisages to be known for excellence in health professional education & research and aims to create an impact on the health care milieu of the nation as well as in patient care.
  • The Institution aspires to be an integral part of the community and provide quality education in health and biomedical sciences in collaboration with the state and nation’s health care planners.


The Mission of Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences is to strengthen and promote excellence in health professional education, quality research and patient care through creation, integration, propagation and utilization of health care knowledge.

  • The institution is committed to train and prepare highly competent health professionals to meet the evolving health care needs of the state and nation.
  • The institution is committed to provide a unique learning experience for students, incorporating in them the best ethical practices in health professional education.
  • The institution shall strive to produce health professionals who will be able to pursue postgraduate training in their respective specialities, contribute to research and adopt an evidence-based approach to educational, clinical and/or laboratory practices.
  • The institution shall promote health services incorporating the latest advances in scientific knowledge in a manner that supports education and research, for the benefit of the community.
  • The institution is committed to inculcate in the students’ values of integrity and compassion towards the care of patients and society.
  • The institution is committed to make the students think of technical solutions for social needs improving living quality with ethical responsibilities.
  • The institution shall strive to implement all National Health Programmes in accordance with the Government Policy, Regulations and Guidelines.


Integral University, Lucknow is a minority institute run by Islamic Council of Productive Education in the year 2004 under the act no. 9 of 2004 by U.P. State Government, Government of India to impart standard value based education in highly disciplined and decorous environment. The society started with a small hospital mainly to cater the basic educational and health care of surrounding villages which has now grown into Integral Institute of Medical Sciences and Research which is a hi-tech 350 bedded hospital, fully furnished with advanced facilities and managed by highly qualified medical staff. It has 18 departments besides Emergency & Trauma Care Unit.

The management of the institute is governed by the Board of Trustees which is headed by Dr. Saeedur Rahman Azmi, a great scholar of Nadwatul Ulema, Lucknow and Hon'ble Chancellor of Integral University, Lucknow The institute has been set up with the following objective:

  • To impart medical education to average class of population.
  • To provide cost effective medical care to the underprivileged class.
  • To train medical students & trainee doctors in a way so that they are competent in making accurate clinical diagnosis and have the zeal to serve the public.


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