Integral Information and Research Centre (IIRC) | Integral University Lucknow


Integral University, Lucknow

The Patrons

Integral University has established a dedicated space of approximately 15000 Sqf covered area for R&D activities to foster interdisciplinary and quality research on frontier areas of science and technology. The Integral Information and Research Centre is fully equipped for Chemical, Biological, Biotechnological and computational research by the faculty of the University. This space is also used to execute the research work pertaining to extramural research grants.


  • Fostering Basic and Applied Research in the area of Science and Engineering.
  • To generate highly skilled trained human resource as independent researchers.
  • To promote collaborative research with other Institutions.
  • Awareness and training on identification of early stage innovation and IPR filing.
  • Training on scientific writing viz. manuscripts and research grants.

Intramural Projects:

IU/IIRC/FRS-2021 Frontier Research in Science
IU/IIRC/FRT-2021 Frontier Research in Technology

Research Thrust Areas:

The research thrust areas at Integral University are focused on interdisciplinary research. The faculty of Engineering, Sciences, Management, Pharmacy, Medical Sciences and Humanities are at the forefront of research. Our research highlights showcase the work carried out by faculty members in frontier areas of research to benefit people across the nation. The thrust areas of research from different departments are listed below:

Medicinal and Computational Chemistry, Nanomaterials and Environmental Science, Phytopharmacological research, Pharmaceutical drug development, Agronomy and Soil Sciences, Drug development for metabolic disorders, Cancer Biology, Neuroinformatics and Computational Biology, Computer Aided Drug Design.

Earthquake Resistant Reinforced Concrete Buildings, Retrofitting & Strengthening of Concrete, Thermal Engineering, Material Science and Tribology, Digital Image Processing, Power Systems and Renewable Energy.

Cloud Computing and Security, Wireless Sensor Networks, Data Science and Machine Learning, Web Engineering, Differential Geometry and Numerical Analysis.

Human Resource Management, International Business, Accounting and Finance Management.

Laboratory In-Charges :

  • Prof. Mohammed. Haris Siddiqui
  • Prof. Iffat Zareen Ahmad
  • Dr. Snober S. Mir
  • Dr. Alvina Farooqui
  • Dr. Mohd. Salman Khan
  • Dr. Mohammad Salman