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Gender Equity

IU is continuously engrossed in working towards sensitizing its students towards gender equity. The university holds seminars and conferences in the campus to promote gender equality. The University also provide various types of facilities to women at workplace viz. CCTV camera and women security guard 24x7, ragging free campus, women Grievance cell, on Time to time basis sessions for training on self-defense is organized for the students, Women Power Line 1090, an initiative of the State Government, is well propagated, the campus and the hostels are well lit during the night, fire Extinguishers are installed in all the floors at multiple points in all the buildings, Hostel wardens and supervisors reside in the hostels and are available 24x7, Sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators have been installed at varied locations within the university, A special day care center facility is also offered at the university with all basic necessities.

Women Guard

Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Girl’s Common Room
Day Care centre
Day Care centre

Events on Gender Equity:

S. No. Year Event Name
1 2016-17 Gender Equity
2 2016-17 Women's Day Celebration
3 2016-17 International Women’s Day Celebration
4 2017-18 International Women’s Day Celebration, 2018
5 2017-18 POSTER COMPETITION On Topic “Time Is Now: Rural And Urban Activists Transforming Women's Lives”
6 2017-18 Gender Equality In Academic Leadership
7 2017-18 Self-Composed Poetry Recitation And Debate Competition.
8 2017-18 "Women, Education And Society"
9 2017-18 Gender Equality
10 2018-19 Gender Equality And The Extension Of Social Protection: A Gendered Approach For Women Empowerment
11 2018-19 Gender Equality
12 2018-19 Women's Equality Day
13 2018-19 National Girl Child Day/ Humanity House
14 2018-19 Krav Mega Camps: Your Ultimate Response To Fear!
15 2018-19 Lecture On "Ecofeminism"
16 2018-19 Panel Discussion On " Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate For Change"
17 2018-19 Debate Competition On Topic "Does Gender Help Or Hinder In The Workplace"
18 2018-19 International Women’s Day Celebration, 2019
19 2018-19 Slogan Writing Competition On Gender Equality
20 2018-19 "SafeCities And Safe Public Spaces For Women And Giris"
21 2019-20 Slogan Writing Competition On Bridging The Gap
22 2019-20 Pinkathon
23 2019-20 DEBATE COMPETITION On Topic “Debate Competition On 'Should Men Play Larger Roles In Childcare?'”
24 2019-20 Guest Lecture On "Realizing Girl Power: Changing The Patriarchal Mindset
25 2019-20 Workshop On "Know Your Rights"
26 2019-20 General Quiz On Gender Equity
27 2019-20 Guest Lecture On Gender Sensitization
28 2019-20 Guest Lecture On Gender Equity
29 2019-20 Guest Lecture On Gender Equality
30 2019-20 Workshop On Acid Attack And Its Legal Remedies
31 2019-20 Collage Competition On Title:" Contribution Of Women Towards National Development"
32 2019-20 Program On "Awareness Of Women Safety And Respect"
33 2019-20 Gender Equality
34 2019-20 Guest Lecture On "Gender Equity"
35 2019-20 Gender Equality
36 2019-20 I Am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Right
37 2020-21 Women's Day Celebration
38 2020-21 Photo Exhibition And Signature Campaign
39 2020-21 National Webinar On “Stress Management In Working Women During Pandemic”
40 2020-21 Report On Awareness Programme On Female Security, Health And Hygiene During Navratri
41 2020-21 International Women’s Day Celebration, 2021
42 2020-21 Open Mic Competition On Gender Equality
43 2020-21 Dastak
44 2020-21 National Girl Child Day
45 2020-21 Webinar On Gender Equality
46 2020-21 International Women’s Day
47 2020-21 Group Discussion On "Are Men & Women Equal In Different Realms Of Life
48 2020-21 Guest Lecture On Ecofeminism
49 2020-21 Role Played By Females In Medical Fraternity
50 2020-21 Training Session On Standup Against Street Harassment
51 2020-21 Workshop On "Law And Constitution With Respect To The Rights Of Women In India"
52 2020-21 Domestic Violence During COVID-19
53 2020-21 Skit On Women And Human Rights: Gender Equality And The Sustainable Development Goals
54 2020-21 Poster Making Competition On Theme "Violence Against Women"
55 2020-21 Women In Leadership On Women's Equality Day
56 2020-21 Poster Competition On Women's Day
57 2020-21 An Interactive Session With Dr. Farah Usmani
58 2020-21 Celebrating Women's Equality Day On 26th August 2021
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