Embracing Sustainability: Waste Management Initiatives at Integral University Lucknow

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Waste Management

Integral University has a proper waste management system:

Solid waste management:

Solid waste generated is collected by Nagar Nigam through their garbage collection vans. Students & faculties are motivated to reuse the waste paper.

Liquid waste management:

Sewage Treatment Plant which is utilized by breaking down solid waste to produce a cleaner, more environmentally friendly effluent. Waste water and sewage are supplied to the primary tank, where the solids and liquids disperse.

Biomedical and Hazardous Waste Management:

The university has an agreement with M/s Spectrum Waste Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow, which is an authorized service provider by the U.P. State Pollution Control Board under rule 8 (4) of the Bio-Medical Waste Management Rule 1998 for operating and providing facilities for the collection, reception, treatment, storage and disposal of bio-medical waste.

Waste Recycling System:

One side used paper is reused for printing etc. Students are encouraged to recycle waste by being creative and making something useful out of the waste. Exhibitions and sales of such items are done from time to time.

E-waste Management:

Non-working computers, monitors, printers and other e-wastes are discarded and scrapped on a periodic basis. If some parts are useful, they are kept aside for future use. IU has an MOU with a proprietorship firm *M/S Sachin Enterprises* which is a duly registered firm. Click here for MOU

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